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How to Become a Freelancer in 2024

How to Become a Freelancer in 2024

There are hundreds of reasons that could lead you to be a freelancer. They include having flexible working hours to earn extra money. Freelancing is slowly growing from a part-time job to a mainstream activity for many people. If you wish to be a freelancer, you should not fear. Many people are venturing into it. Research shows that the freelancing space grew by 22% in 2019.  Below are details on how you can get started.


A freelancer is a person that does not earn any stipends from where they work; they set their payment rates and have the luxury to choose where, when, and who to work for. It is the direct opposite of employment, where the employer determines an employee’s terms of service.

It is exciting being your boss. However, not everyone can excel in the freelancing field. You will need a very robust and strong-willed spirit to be a freelancer. There are many benefits to becoming freelancers, and they include:

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  • You get exposed to different industries and learn a lot 
  • You will have the flexibility to set your terms.
  • You will only work on what you choose to
  • You choose who to work for

Despite the advantages, freelancing also has its limitations that include:

  • Isolation
  • No steady job flow
  • No benefits
  • You pay taxes by yourself

It is a good idea to venture into freelancing while you are employed and grow into it as you learn its ins and outs. It allows you to test and makes adjustments where the need is without messing up your life in the process.

Finding Freelance jobs

For a freelancer, finding work is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. One may decide to approach a business and inquire if they need some work done for them. There are several websites where you can find freelance jobs. According to, freelance writing is the most accessible type of freelancing.

Do your homework

Before you start as a freelancer, you first have to understand what you are doing. Do some extensive research and the field you are venturing into and know everything that entails that business. Take your time to understand the completion and areas with high opportunities. It will help you in deciding on an area to focus on and invest your time and resources. Thorough research will also inform you how you will charge your clients and perfectly understand your service’s worth. The more you learn on such themes as “how to write my essay” to “business tips”, the more chances for you to get hired. 

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Create a brand

The freelance market is very crowded with all types of people. You need a strong brand that will make you stand out and above your peers. You need to have distinct and definitive attributes that make you better than any other person. 

Plan Ahead

One of the most challenging periods of a freelancer is usually the starting point. There are seasons where you will be broke and no jobs available. There are times that you will have a lot of work and very little time to complete. It is essential to understand that it is not going to be all rosy, and you need to have a plan that will simplify and supplement your life. 

Prepare a schedule

 A schedule will make your work easy and enable you to handle your work well. It includes getting supplies to help you accomplish your work.

Find a mentor

Mentors are there to guide you in areas that you are not sure about. A mentor will take you through the ins and outs of the trades. It is essential to have someone who is well experienced in the freelancing business and help you when you are stuck.

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Network with the community

A community will help you find solutions to common problems you may be experiencing. Find yourself a professional organization or an online group that you can identify with and have aligned interests. You also stand to grow your skills from watching others and how they operate. 

Start Small

As you start and plan, most of the time, you are thinking of a cluster of clients within your portfolio. However, it is essential to start with a few and grow from there. Starting small enables you to work within your means and focus both on learning as you serve the little clients you have to an optimum level.

Spread the word

Professionals from companies like A&E suggests, before your work starts speaking for itself, you have to initiate it by marketing your services. Talking to family and friends about what you do is an excellent way to spread the word. Social media is another way to reach more people and even get potential clients.

Ask for referrals

As you connect with the community, be sure to ask for referrals. It is the smartest way to start and gain a footing in the freelancing field. You can also gain referrals through your friends and colleagues.

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Protect yourself

It is essential to ensure that you get a contract for any job you take up to protect yourself from not getting paid and such issues. 

Stay motivated

We all love to be appreciated, and we enjoy seeing some value in our work. In the employment setting, motivation comes from positive feedback from colleagues and bosses. However, as a freelance, you can only get feedback from your clients after work is done. To boost your motivation, make a habit of asking your clients to give a review of the work done. It, in turn, will boost your esteem and at the same time help you improve your delivery.

Learn when to say no

As you grow in the field, you will start getting jobs from all over. In most cases, you will be tempted to take up every job that comes along. However, you need to be wise enough to know what to take and what to let go of. Avoid overburdening yourself and, in the end, giving shoddy work. 


Freelancing can be a lucrative job when you do everything right. The above tip is not conclusive but will give you the best chances of becoming an accomplished freelance. The tips will help you learn the ins and outs of freelancing and manage your work and clients. 

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