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What Does Betting Against the Spread Mean in Sports Gambling

What Does Betting Against the Spread Mean in Sports Gambling

Betting on sports is becoming the main thing in the world. It is a big part of our society. Millions of people all over the planet are taking action in this form of entertainment. It’s fun, it can earn you money, and it is highly competitive. You can play on your own, and bet against your friends. Thanks to its popularity it is now more developed than ever. Due to this, it has grown so much, that no one could have predicted it. You have different forms of betting, some of which are known to you, and some of which are mysteries.

Are you familiar with betting against a spread? It is a form of betting present in many sports. When there are points involved there is betting against the spread. Many players focus solely o this type of betting. If you’re a newbie or simply haven’t encountered this form of betting by now, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about this particular type of betting. Once you get a grasp of it, it might become your favorite option. Are you interested in learning what betting ATS means in sports gambling?

If you are, we are going to be the best of friends. The next time you decide to take on a sports bet at your favorite betting location you’ll be betting against the spread. Of course, after COVID-19 changed the landscape of our lives,  nothing is the same. Bet at home has become the predominant way of doing things in this department. This is fine, after all, some of us love making winning combinations from the comfortableness of our sofas. Now that we have you tucked in, keep on reading and learn how to employ this form of betting. Sports will never be the same for you once you get the grasp of betting against the spread.

PSB – What Is It?


PSB is point spread betting. Now that you know the acronym let’s see what is it. It is the situation in which you are trying to level two teams that are not evenly matched. Think of it as Tom Brady’s Patriots against New York Jets. That type of mismatch. A money line bet would insist on betting on one team and their clear win. Instead, we need to bring the spread into the game. Determining the winner via spread is a different beast. Do you know that movie with Denzel Washington – The Equalizer? Spread is just that, the equalizer. It intends to make each match equal. With the spread, every team has a 50% chance of winning.

This often confuses some players. With a spread even if a team wins in a real game, they might have lost the match as far as the spread is concerned. Wining a spread bet is a different bet entirely. It’s all about the + and -. If a team has added points, let’s say New York Knicks have a +12 spread against the Los Angeles Lakers it means that they’re the underdogs. While a -18 spread on Kansas City Chiefs against Detroit Lions suggests they’re clear-cut favorites. In the case of the Knicks, they can lose by 10 points differential and still be seen as winners as far as the spread is concerned. On the other hand, the Chiefs might demolish Lions with two touchdowns difference and still lose the game when the spread is involved.

Betting Against The Spread


Now that we know what a spread is, and what means to involve points spread betting in your daily betting activities let’s focus on the main subject. Betting against the spread is what you came here to learn. So, what does it mean? It means that you’ll be focusing on the underdogs in any game or any sport. Your goal is to have them win from the gate or to simply lose but below the spread margin. In either case, you’re winning.

To explain this to you we’re going to give you a similar example to the one we did above, with only changed teams. Let’s talk about the Super Bowl Champions Los Angeles Rams +7 vs. Denver Broncos -7. Betting ATS is when you are betting on the Broncos to win. To earn money this way you’ll need two scenarios to occur. Denver wins is the first one. Here’s no calculus is needed. That’s a win for you clear as a day. The other scenario can have them draw the game in regular time or simply lose by less than one touchdown. If they lose by one touchdown, seven points that are, counting in the extra point, your bet is seen as a push and you’ll get your initial investment back.

How To Do It?


If you are ready to try this out, my friend, you’re in for some straight betting. ATS is known as a straight bet. If this is your cup of tea from now on you are having the best chances of winning this way if you focus on college sports and all of the major American sports leagues. Most of these competitions use the so-called point spread. Making a straight bet is this – you wagering on an equipped to cover the spread installed for the particular game. Going ATS is you betting the underdogs having a good game and not allowing a defeat, whether it’s a straight-out defeat of the favorites or simply going under the spread. Either way, you win.

Point Spread Changes

Betting ATS has its advantages but it also has its flaws. The point spread is created early in the week before the matches are close to being played, especially when it comes to NFL. But during the week, many things change. Injuries happen, and the weather can be different on game day.  Many things influence the game day spread. So it is wise that you play ATS on game day, compared to the early in the week when you can make the wrong bet which becomes one solely on the fact that a QB got injured.

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