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Is it Possible to Charge Your Phone With NFC

Is it Possible to Charge Your Phone With NFC

One of the worst things we see on a daily basis is that notification that the battery on our phones is low. Yes, we agree that this isn’t that big of a problem, but it still causes much stress, as somehow, just when we need our phones the most, the battery is low.

Luckily there are many ways to charge your phone today, and wi-fi charging, although nothing new, is a great thing, as we can charge phones on the go. Furthermore, car charges are by many the most cherished innovation, as we already spend too much time going from one place to another.

But, the time has come to revolutionize this idea, to combine car charges with NFC technology, like they do at Of course, many are wondering now whether you can actually charge your phone with NFC, so let’s clear some things up.

Not suitable for phones, but can recharge other devices


Although the NFC wireless chargers are not strong enough to recharge the batteries on our phones, we can use this technology for smaller devices such as earbuds, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and many others. Yes, this may seem like a small step, but in the right direction, as any change didn’t happen overnight, and even here, it needs to start from something.

What’s great about NFC charging is that we can use our phones and charge these small devices by using the NFC technology without any expensive investments, and this is the true meaning of it all as it means that our phones just got yet another role.

It does not require a big antenna


As for the benefits of the NFC wireless technology, we simply must mention that now, we do not need any plug to charge our batteries, which wasn’t the case before. Namely, classic wireless chargers required a power source that needed to be plugged into an electric source and relied on a big antenna, while NFC ones do not need any physical plugs.

The usage of a small antenna changed everything, as it can be implemented in small devices that do not need strong power requirements. It’s all about the size and efficiency-to create something small and easy to implement into any device yet practicable.

It is slow but useful


Although this charging option is pretty slow, it can be useful for some small batteries and even bigger ones when there is no other solution. Since we live in a world where almost every person uses battery-operating devices, we are all aware of how stressful it can be when the battery is empty, and we need to use some of them.

Because of that, having one more option to charge is always great, and it will maybe become faster in the future, so we can expect that it will be possible to use it for mobile phones too. Yes, there already are certain WiFi charges, but this revolutionizes everything as there are no physical plugs for charging devices.

There is still much work needed until we get to a point where charging phones with NFC is practical, but for now, the fact that we can use it to charge other, slightly smaller devices is a step towards that goal.

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