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How To Avoid The Most Common Forms Of Cheating When Gambling Online?

How To Avoid The Most Common Forms Of Cheating When Gambling Online?

Any player who engages in online casinos knows that these games involve a certain degree of risk. Playing such games and allowing the odds to determine your win percentage comes with its own sets of disadvantages. The least a player can expect is the rules to be fair. Fraudsters make use of the vulnerability of the system and cheat, steal and hack into your personal details.

The casino world is full of several infamous casino hacking gadgets that can steal your personal information. In such a scenario, make sure to look for a genuine gambling platform such as

From sliders of the slots and remotes to roulette computers and other dice rolling devices, there are a plethora of options used by them to trick the players. Also, at times some players use poker analyzers and card counting apps to cheat in the game. Such apps help cheaters level up their games and win against you. In this article, we will talk about the most famous forms of cheating and how you can avoid them.

The Most Common Types Of Online Frauds


  • Slot Machine Remote – This machine sends a signal of fake coin counting as soon​ as a button present in it is pressed. The device of the jackpot then tricks the slot machine thinking that no coins have been dropped. This is usually utilized when a player wins coins and they are already dropping from the machine. This exponentially extends the winning period.
  • Slots Slider Device – This device appears to be more like a piano or guitar string​ that is attached to a bent metal rod. The players can attempt strategically to feed it up from the payout chute present in the slot machine. It is also known as the monkey paw, and it has a hook-like shape that triggers the microswitch for the coin hopper.
  • Dice Rolling Devices – Players choose to swap out the casino dice for their own​ home tampered version. What they do with these dices is that the Scrambled Dice is drilled down with added lead weights that allows one side of the dice to become heavier than the others. It helps to achieve a consistent role very easily.
  • Roulette Computers/Apps – These are small electronic devices that have the​ capability of predicting where the ball will land. Lasers are used to scan the table, spins of the current round, and sometimes the events of the previous game. The speed and deceleration of the ball are calculated and the wheel to discern the estimated winning component.
  • Card Counting Apps – It is an app with which the players can know when the advantage​ can shift in their favour. This is usually done by noting which cards are usually dealt in the initial rounds and at the same time keep track of the ratio of all high to low undealt cards. This is assessed by assigning tags to each card.

Apart from the frauds as mentioned above, credit card and chargeback frauds are one of the most famous types of online frauds. The fraudsters have their eyes set on your credit card details and they often use software that copies your personal details directly into their system. As a result, you must pay extra attention when choosing your gambling merchant.

How To Avoid Online Frauds?


These are some of the methods that are used by people to cheat in online casinos. However, you can easily steer clear of them by following a few steps. One of the most important steps before you can start gambling is filling out your KYC details. This is one of the most common phases where you can be duped by the provider. Double check about the authenticity of the provider before you provide him with your personal details.

However, KYC has some significant benefits as well. Say, you have opted for a two step verification. Then, you can rest assured that not even your provider will be able to sign in and tamper with your account. You can use some other safety measures like fingerprint verification, IP Address restrictions, authorization link being sent to your email address etc.

Identity verification along with the use of fraud prevention applications reduces the risk factor for regular users, and increases the scrutiny on suspicious activities. Make sure to opt for a merchant who provides high levels of security settings and two-step identity verification.

If you still fall prey to online fraud, make sure to react to it carefully. It is true that you cannot fight a fraud chargeback case, however a vigorous defense system will certainly help you. Do not leave it up to your fate; fight the case with proper facts backing you, the right evidence and you have got this!

Casinos providers’ main aim is to keep the players on their platform for as long as possible. This is because the more time you spend gambling, the more money they make.  However, the fraudulent activities tend to reduce the profits earned as the customers steer clear of such platforms.  It also damages the reputation of the providers. Higher fraud rates can also lead to merchants getting their accounts terminated.

Final Word

Lately, there has been tremendous growth in the online casino market. People are all into​ playing online slots more, nowadays, and as a result the number of fraud cases is on the rise as well. The fraudsters are aware of the resources that are being used to stop their fraudulent activities. As a result, they keep introducing new approaches and methods to overcome such defenses. However, certain frauds as the ones mentioned above keep repeating again and again.

However, this only means that the casinos have become more stringent with their rules. With the introduction of more sophisticated devices, casinos are becoming strict in their surveillance procedures. With the right gaming merchant, you can gamble without any fear of getting cheated.

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