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How to Stay Anonymous When Gambling Online – 2024 Guide

How to Stay Anonymous When Gambling Online – 2024 Guide

Who doesn’t love to play casino games both in person or online? However, do you prefer to stay on the low and be anonymous? There is a lot of reasons why you might want to be anonymous when gambling online. A lot of people like to keep their identity safe & to themselves, without worrying about how others perceive them.

On the other hand, you might be a private person or someone who is just getting started with this gaming and gambling journey, trying to pick up all the fun little tips & tricks from other players without exposing yourself too much. Either way, it may be, keep on reading since we’re going to discuss your gameplay and help you stay anonymous when gambling online.

How to Stay Anonymous When Gambling Online – 2024 Guide: Top 6 rules to follow

Prepaid deposit methods


Did you know that you can get and purchase these cards in loads of different places and locations? If you find yourself near lottery outlets, supermarkets, and even petrol stations, there’s a big chance that you will find prepaid deposit cards that can’t be tracked, traced, or linked to you in any way.

You will make deposits with the new card you got without exposing any personal information online. Once you want to withdraw your hard-earned money from the casino you will have to share certain alternative payment options, since these cards are not used for withdrawing money. This is the only downside to them, but they can be used in a quick and practical way.

Try using Bitcoin for your gameplay

Bitcoin, as you probably know it by now, is not traceable. This is because Bitcoin exists solely in digital form, but they hold genuine monetary value and can be transferred online from one individual to another. People use it to do loads of different transactions online, as well as when purchasing different items.

This is an independent system, especially popular in the US, and collectors, big investors, and those who are always informed on all the steps and new inventions on the stock market. If your chosen casino site allows for the use of BTC, you should know that you’re offered 100% anonymity when gambling. Find the best & most universal solution that meets your criteria.

Hide your address with a VPN


VPN is probably a well-known method and a popular go-to solution when it comes to being and staying anonymous, as well as protecting your identity. You can use it to access any online site or casino. If you wish to have additional security and coverage, this is a must-do step in your case.

VPN servers can be located anywhere in the world, so you can surf the Web as though you are in a different location, feeling safe and secure. If you are playing at an offshore casino and wish to have a different type of fun. Some VPN solutions are free of charge while others do come at a monthly maintenance price tag.

Do not install a casino app

Almost everyone offers an app with their service nowadays. You can have all the important information on your laptop or your iPhone and Android. This is why you can also have practical gameplay and a handy experience with your chosen site on your phone.

Although playing, betting, and enjoying a game of poker might be more practical through an actual app, the anonymity factor falls apart in this case. Once you download these apps they will collect the information of every phone used. Once you click that ”I agree” button, your data is automatically shared online and your anonymous approach is not so anonymous anymore.

Use cryptocurrencies that are allowed


As previously mentioned, online casinos are following the latest trends, and adding Bitcoin to their site is just one of their big moves. Everyone is trying to stay relevant, and going with the flow and trends that Gen Z’s are pushing is a must-do step for any big company. This is why you can go for some other cryptos such as Etherum, Zcash & Monero.

All of them can meet your much-needed list and set of requirements for anonymous gameplay. All you have to do is to connect your account with the crypto wallet, and that’s it. If your chosen site allows for the use of your current and favorite crypto, you are in luck! Also, let’s not forget that crypto wallets and currencies can speed up your withdrawal process (we are talking about seconds before they appear in your wallet).

Get in touch with customer support on Telegram

Let’s say that you decided to use the option to deposit cryptocurrencies. However, in one moment, some issues occurred that you can’t solve alone. They are not covered in the FAQ section either. This is when you have to contact someone on your chosen gambling site for support and help. However, messaging them directly will mean exposing yourself and your identity.

You can often contact customer support on Telegram. With their help and navigation, you will easily resolve your issues + they will help you figure out how to deposit money on your chosen site. Most casinos do have this feature, so heads up before contacting them or sharing your email/phone number.

Where to play games and have fun online?


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