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9 Raiding Addons for PvE

9 Raiding Addons for PvE

World of Warcraft addons provide players with a lot of valuable information. In addition to improving the interface and basic game options, they will help expand your opportunities, as well as suggest new ways to achieve goals. With their help, participants of battles have a chance to manage their resources more rationally, making their game simple and effective.

Today, there are a lot of Raiding addons for PvE. These are the most popular and effective ones:

  • Skada Damage Meter
  • SimpleILevel
  • EPGP-Lootmaster
  • SCT – Damage
  • RobBossMods
  • RaidTracker
  • RaidRoll
  • PhoenixStyle
  • HealBot

Raiding addons have a special place in WoW Boost strategies. They help you to better control the level of threats, show the ratings of individual characters or the raid as a whole. In this article, we will tell you more about each of them.

1. Skada Damage Meter


Skada Damage Meter is a PvE addon. With its help, players will always be able to calculate their damage, as well as the number of deaths of the rest of the raid warriors. This way they will have the most up-to-date information on any of the battle participants playing in a group or raid. Another important ability of this addon is the assessment of the level of power and danger of each partner. Skada Damage Meter opens up many useful things for players. Whether in or out of the raid, you will always be in the loop.

2. SimpleILevel

This addon was created specifically with the purpose to calculate if you are able to participate in any raid in advance. SimpleILevel will evaluate weapons and ammunition and give you the result in points. It doesn’t calculate anything itself, but simply shows the overall result. This is why it’s similar to another popular add-on GearScore It is praised by numerous SimpleILevel fans for its accuracy when compared to other tools in the Blizard series.

If the raid has already started, you will see the belongings of each member of the group. SimpleILevel is unique because it can show the success of a character in PvP or predict it for some alliance.

Also, this addon is useful because it can calculate your rating in PvP. If the gamer’s clothes are poor, their numbers will be purple, and if the player has a sample outfit or average ammunition, the total will be highlighted in gray. Thus, you can always understand if your character is suitable for going into the dungeon.

3. EPGP-Lootmaster


It is a full-value plugin for the EPGP addon. First of all, it will help you to better manage the available loot out of the boss to all the warriors of the raid, and will also divide the income automatically. In addition, the specified addon will give out all PR points. Before starting the loot, it will definitely ask all gamers if they need this thing.

If you are leading in PR, you can get items, but you will also spend some points. In any case, the leading participants of the raid make the rules of the game. Anyone who goes to the dungeon only with a group should know that each of the participants will be required to install the EPGP and EPGP Lootmaster addons. Otherwise the addon will not work correctly.

4. SCT – Damage

It’s a very important add-on. It will allow players to learn more about their Damage, as well as provide comprehensive and understandable information. You can always see your damage, buffs and castes. In addition, SCT – Damage is indispensable in playing against bosses, as it helps gamers to gain new knowledge and improve their level. That is why SCT – Damage is rightfully recognized as the leader among PvE. In addition, it will always show all your skills, as well as how much you have suffered from curses. Its information is presented in different color shades and is compactly placed on the screen, which is why it’s pleasing to view it.

5. RobBossMods


This PvE add-on features many new features and abilities. It is versatile in solving various game problems. With just one click, you can share useful information with other players in the chat on how to defeat the insidious boss.

WoW is a game which often attracts new members. As soon as they write the word “boss”, the addon will send them a description of all working strategies. In addition, RobBossMods will tell you how gamers can best behave in a raid if the boss decides to attack them. The addon reports on its actions in each phase. The participants in the battle understand what to do at once – to beware the rays of light or to fight the Phoenix. The strategies for gamers are available in different languages, which is also a huge plus for RobBossMods.

6. RaidTracker

RaidTracker is a useful and very popular PvE addon among players. It records the details of all your adventures in the dungeon. Additionally, RaidTracker:

  • closely watches your loot
  • monitors the increasing DKP rating
  • takes into account each passage of BG

RaidTracker also actively cooperates with other add-ons, thanks to which, for example, you can see the changed appearance of the buttons on your map.

7. RaidRoll


Its main mission is to control the raid loot from a specific boss. It can assist the head of the raid in the distribution of resources. Also, RaidRoll will definitely show which of the players got more points and give things to the winner. RaidRoll always provides gamers with reliable data. Its partners include such well-known and useful add-ons as EPGP.

8. PhoenixStyle

Almost every raid owner will need it. With its help, the leader will be able to assess how ready his army is for battle. PhoenixStyle will tell you in detail about any of the groups. With it, you will always be able to apply the right tactics in the dungeon to earn valuable resources. During the battle, PhoenixStyle informs the player about the phases of all their enemies. In addition, it will notice the full buff in time. The gamer will also be warned about the lack of game skills in time.

9. HealBot


This addon has developed a long time ago. It is most useful in healing classes. HealBot will always give you good frames that will allow you to complete your raid as quickly as possible. It also helps you customize the key values. By referring to frames, you can assess the class of your game, as well as examine the weaknesses of your opponents. Moreover, this addon is a reliable remedy for curses. Players will be able to get rid of them with one click. They will just as easily defeat any disease acquired in difficult and dangerous battles.


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