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5 Things to Know About the L.L.Bean Master Card

5 Things to Know About the L.L.Bean Master Card

In this modern world, anyone who can use a credit card with responsibility should definitely have one. There are just so many potential benefits to having a credit card since it is much more convenient and safer than any other way of paying. But then, there are so many types of cards out there, and choosing the best one can be challenging. There is L.L. Bean Mastercard, which is a co-branded card, a collective offer from a retailer, and Mastercard. With this one, you can collect the so-called Bean Bucks, which is a type of point system, and the more you use it, the more points you get.

It is connected with a percentage of money spent, but it varies in exact rate based on a place, and there are many other perks too – for instance, free shipping and a welcoming bonus. So if you are already interested in acquiring one, just check out, but if you would like to learn more about the L.L.Bean Master Card, simply continue reading and see five things that everyone should know.

1. They bring many rewards


With this card, we can earn so many amazing rewards. Most of them come in the form of Bean Bucks, but we can still use them for buying items, so it’s still great. There is a different percentage from the bill we can get with various purchases, ranging from one to five percent, and we can get them by shopping in places, like restaurants, gas stations, etc., to any other purchases connected with L.L.Bean. And the best part is that the value of the Bean Buck is one dollar. Now, not a dollar we can spend anywhere, but still worth it.

So let’s say you spend two hundred dollars in some L.L.Bean store. If the percentage on that bill was four percent, you get eight dollars back, in the form of Bean Bucks. So the next time you are about to buy something in a similar establishment, you have eight dollars extra. Keep in mind that the two percent reward on something like restaurants can pile up some Bean Bucks pretty fast. That means that there are some great prizes to be reaped if we use this card.

2. It is simple to use them

When it comes to the store cards of this type, the L.L.Bean Mastercard is amazing, and it is incredibly effortless to get access to these rewards. Yes, it is true that you can only redeem them within the same store, but that is the same as for any other store card. But where L.L.Bean cards excel is at the fact that there is no demanded redemption limit. And also, there is no time limit within these rewards that have to be used. Other cards might take away our points if we don’t use them, but with this one, any Bucks we don’t utilize still remain on our account. Not to mention that it is effortless to handle these points. We can do it in stores, on our mobile, or on the internet. It is the fact that most of the other store cards have a complex way of using them, and that is what separates L.L. Bean Mastercard apart.

3. Additional benefits


Rewards are great, but that is not where the benefits end. Anyone who has a card also has other advantages, like free shipping. Anyone who uses this one to make a purchase, let’s say over the internet, will not have to pay for the shipment. It doesn’t matter you are using the actual Bean Bucks to make a purchase or regular dollars, but you do have to utilize their card. Another gain is free monogramming for any item from their store. If anyone wants to have a monogram on the thing they bought, they usually have to pay around ten dollars, but as long as we use their MasterCard, it is free for us. It should be mentioned that these benefits are of interest only to those people who plan on buying items in these stores. But then again, that is why you are intrigued by their card.

4. Great welcoming discount

From the very end of last year, the latest addition is that anyone who gets a new one will receive a fifteen percent discount that they can use once. But you will have to use the official website to make this work, so don’t forget that. So, the same website where you apply for the card is where you utilize the discount, and it is a one-time deal, so don’t spend this offer on a small and cheap item. Plan and buy something that you always wanted to have but seemed too expensive. That is the best way to take advantage of this discount. What is also great is that this is a new development with the card. That means that they are expanding their benefits and that we can expect even more in the future.

5. Low APR


Last but not least, this card has a relatively low APR, and even though it could always be better, it is still much better than most of the store cards out there. Their customary purchase APR is somewhere between fourteen and twenty percent, and that is decided based on our credit. While this is not ideal, it’s more than what we would expect from a store card since they can usually go over twenty-five percent. Maybe the only problem here is that there isn’t any introductory APR offer. It would be great to have a period in the beginning with zero APR, but that may come in the future.

The bottom line

As we have seen, there are many great benefits you can gain from getting an L.L.Bean Mastercard. These benefits range from rewards that we can accumulate over time and then use when we see fit to how simple it is to utilize this great item. The free shipping and some discount we get are also giving it an edge over competitors, and that is the best possible explanation for it. It is not perfect, but if we compare it to offers from other stores, this one is simply better.

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