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5 Airsoft Clothing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

5 Airsoft Clothing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

For people who want a taste of actual combat and gun action that normally occurs in warfare, Airsoft is the perfect sport for them. It has started becoming an increasingly popular option for combat enthusiasts that want to experience the thrills of military combat without actually putting their lives at considerable risk.

According to, one of the leading websites for purchasing Airsoft gear, there are various aspects that go into deciding how successful you are in-game. One of the most important aspects is the type of clothing you wear while playing the game. Having mobile clothing on your body will help you move from one place to another quickly.

On the other hand, having camouflaged clothing will help you hide amongst foliage and shrubbery and snipe your enemies off without them even knowing what happened. This also goes the other way where if you wear the wrong type of clothing while playing an Airsoft game you can end up getting shot early even before the game properly starts.

Many Airsoft beginners are unaware of what clothing they should wear and if you are one of them, then don’t worry because we are here to help you out. In this article we will be listing several tips and tricks that will help you choose better clothing for your next Airsoft games. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Prioritize eye protection at all costs


No matter what you do, never cheap out on eye protection for your Airsoft games. If you want to play Airsoft while keeping your eyesight safe after the games, ensure that you get the best eye protection possible for your eyes. You can cheap out on everything else including guns, where you can just opt for a pistol instead of a rifle, or even unnecessary body gear that you have equipped just for style.

The reason we are stressing so much importance on this aspect is because eye injuries are one of the only serious injuries that you can get from an Airsoft game. If a BB pellet or bullet directly hits your eyes, they can get instantly damaged and you stand the risk of going completely blind for your entire life.

There are various options for you to choose from when opting for a suitable eye protection for yourself including goggles, half masks and even eyewear helmets. You can be assured that your eye protection won’t bring your style down – if anything it will make you look more combat-prepared and sturdy than before.

Utilize whatever clothing you already have


Many people think that Airsoft is an expensive hobby and you need to buy hundreds of dollars of clothing accessories and gear just to be able to play with your friends. While it is true that you can end up spending a considerable amount of money if you buy high-end Airsoft gear from stores for your entire body, in truth you will be only buying some gear as you can utilize most of the clothing you have in your home.

We strongly recommend that you use whatever you have inside of your home to complete your full Airsoft gear set. It can be anything – from old baseball helmets to new biking leather jackets, there are many clothing options that can prove to be effective Airsoft clothing. As a general rule of the thumb, only choose clothing that is thick, not too tight and can cover most of your body parts.

If you, your family or your friends served in the army once and have their old military dress lying around, you can use it as suitable Airsoft clothing as well. In fact, veteran military gear is often quoted to be the best clothing option when it comes to Airsoft as it provides safety and class in one single set.

Wear clothing that makes it easy to maneuver around


When hunting for good clothing options that you can use in your Airsoft games, ensure that you choose as loose clothing as possible. Airsoft is primarily a game of aim, skill and maneuverability. The better you move around the area the more effectively you can eliminate your opponents.

This can’t be done if you are wearing tight or limiting clothing that doesn’t let you move around a lot. The perfect example of this would be tight jeans or worse, tight leather jeans. They limit the movement of your legs and give you a significant disadvantage over other players that are wearing much more comfortable clothing options.

However, at times you may need to choose either mobility or the thickness of the clothing. In this decision, what choice you take depends entirely on the playstyle you have which we will talk about in the next tip.

Equip clothing that suits your playstyle


There are a number of roles that you can play as in Airsoft. There is the assaulter who leads the team into enemy ranks, the support who ensures the safety of his team by providing covering fire and the sniper who eliminates enemies from afar. Each of these playstyles require you to have clothing options that suit them.

For example, snipers prefer clothing that camouflages them and don’t mind wearing heavy gear that limits their mobility. Assaulters on the other hand, have no need for excess weight and camouflage options but require additional pockets for magazines and full mobility in their clothing.

Supports require adequate protection on their entire body and thus choose to wear thicker clothing that slows them down a bit but keeps them safe from enemy damage.

Wear appropriate clothing for appropriate weather


Your airsoft clothing gear will dramatically change according to the weather. If it is cold and wintery outside, you will need to completely dress up from toe to neck as well as cover your head too. The thicker your clothing is, the warmer you will feel in the game. Alternatively, on summer days you can shed off all the extra thick clothes and settle for loose and thin clothing that can keep your body cool and allow you to carry more water than before.


There are several clothing tips and tricks that every beginner Airsoft player should be aware of. We hope this article was insightful regarding that and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us.

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