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Battlefield 6 Imminent Announcements Teased

Battlefield 6 Imminent Announcements Teased

Today, an unexpected tease came up when a senior game designer of DICE Studios

Said that the clock is ticking for a serious announcement about Battlefield 6. Or maybe we are thinking too much about this. As far as the recent tweet is related, Niklas Astrand said with what sounds like the ticking of the clock. So everyone is thinking about Battlefield 6 as the tease.

The same comment was made on JackFrag’s recent Battlefields 5 video. The content creator posted that video link on twitter and a senior designer of Dice commented “tick, tick, tick” which points to the clock ticking. The comment section was filled with impatient fans that definitely think that this is the Battlefield 6 tease.

Everything pointed to battlefield 6 is announced last month but we still have to wait for electronic art to fire the words.

Moreover, the publisher confirmed that the franchise will soon be shifting its focus from Battlefield 5 to the future of modern gaming and first-person shooter franchise in 2024. But we can assume that the announcements to Battlefield 6 will be done in the next months

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