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3 Tips To Beat Wagering Requirements When Playing With No Deposit Bonus

3 Tips To Beat Wagering Requirements When Playing With No Deposit Bonus

With so many casinos offering similar bonuses, choosing a casino based on their bonus offering alone is not enough. When choosing a no deposit bonus casino, one major consideration is the wagering requirements.

However, you do not have to shy away from casinos because of their wagering requirement on a no deposit bonus. With the tips explained in this post, you can now beat the wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses.

Nothing Comes for Free, So As A No Deposit Bonus Offer


Unless you are a newbie to the world of online casino gambling, you should know that no deposit bonuses are not free. While casinos offer this bonus fund to new customers upon registration, there is always a caveat in the name of wagering requirement attached to it.

No deposit bonus amounts offer new but reluctant punters a chance to try out online casino games without spending their own money. However, new players cannot simply withdraw the bonus after playing a single casino game (win or lose). It does not work that way!

The no deposit bonus is just a taster to let players know that it is alright to play casino games. It shows punters the winning possibilities and encourages them to take the next step by depositing real money in their gaming accounts on their favorite casino games.

So, while a casino will freely credit your gaming account with no deposit bonus funds, the money is not free to withdraw. A price must be paid before you claim the bonus funds, and the wagering requirement determines this cost.

The Wagering Requirement Explained


The wagering requirement on a no deposit bonus is the financial condition that must be met before you can lay any claim to the no deposit bonus funds and any winnings earned from it.

The wagering requirement is the casino’s own way of ensuring that you are equally committed to spending money to play the casino games on offer. The wagering requirements suggest that you must wager a certain amount of money which is usually a multiplier of the bonus earned before you can withdraw both the bonus funds and payouts.

For example, a 200% deposit bonus casino offers a no deposit bonus of USD50, but with a 30X wagering requirement. What this means, in essence, is that the casino will credit your gaming account with USD50. However, you will need to wager 30 times the no deposit amount before you can withdraw any winnings.

So, if you used the USD 50 no deposit bonus to play your favorite online slots and earned USD 100, you would need to wager USD 1,500 (30X of USD50 bonus) before you can withdraw the USD 100 winnings. So, what can you do to beat these wagering requirements?

The whole point of managing or beating the wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses is to be able to withdraw your bonus payouts without any difficulty. Once you understand this objective, the three tips highlighted below will make more sense.

1. Choose ‘Low Profile’ No Deposit Bonus Offers


You look for licensed casinos offering modest no deposit bonuses but equally low wagering requirements. For example, a 200% deposit bonus casino offering a no deposit bonus of USD 20 with a 10X wagering requirement would be more desirable than a USD 200 no deposit bonus, but with a 50X wagering requirement.

To claim the USD20 bonus plus any winnings in the first casino, you will need to wager USD 200, while for the second casino, you will need to wager USD 10,000 to claim the USD 200 bonus and any winnings.

2. Selecting the Right Casino Game is a Must

The second tip for beating the no deposit bonus wagering requirement lies with the type of casino games you decide to play and wager on. It must be said that not all casino games actively contribute to fulfilling the wagering requirements on a no deposit bonus. It is, therefore, vital that you carefully read through the T&Cs on wagering requirements before you even sign up with any casino.

The best casino games for helping you achieve the wagering requirements on time are online slots. Video slots are also your safest bet for playing with no deposit bonus funds. Nevertheless, casinos may place restrictions on some online slots, so it is best to read the T&Cs carefully.

For example, one online slot may provide a 100% contribution towards completing the wagering requirement, while the other one may only contribute about 70%. There is a difference in your wagering contribution sum for each online slot game, say a USD 5 wager.

In the case of the first online slot, your wagering contribution will be USD5, but for the second virtual slot machine, your wagering contribution will be USD 3.5. The difference in the wagering contribution of USD 1.5 means that you will take longer fulfilling the wagering requirement on the second slot than the first.

3. Work on Your Style of Playing


If you have a way of playing online slots, it helps you streamline the video slot machines you play. You may not always win with this playing style, but at least you are focused on playing a specific slot, such as a low variance or medium variance slot, for example.

Low variance slots have low payouts, but wins could be more frequent than high variance slots, which have high payouts but a lower winning rate. So, you should opt for casinos where wagering can be met through low variance slots and more consistent wins.

It is possible to either manage or beat the wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses. But like all things in life, it requires planning, commitment, discipline, and action.

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