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3 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Instagram

3 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Instagram

There’s no point denying it: Instagram is huge. This social media platform started as a social gallery for everyone to upload their best shots, and now it’s a massive social media with loads of opportunities for business.

Different content formats, engagement techniques, and, of course, more than 1 billion active users are what makes this social media so attractive for businesses. Among all these people there’s always your perfect target audience waiting for you, so why not start promoting your brand right now? “Soc-Promotion” can help you reach your first milestones on this platform and support your growth anytime, anywhere:

So, why and where should you start with promoting your company on Instagram?

3 reasons why you’d want to take your business on the Instagram


To answer the “why?” we have three most popular reasons that constantly make small and big companies become players on this social media.

The first reason is, of course, the size of Instagram as social media. 200 million monthly active users and 1 billion users overall (and the numbers keep on growing) is something that makes you wonder — is there anyone of your target audience? Of course, there are a lot of people, and you can find the right audience for every niche, even a very specific one. With a number of users this huge, you can easily start your Instagram account from scratch and end up being a No. 1 in your business niche. You’ll get your visibility and engagement if you put some effort to promote your profile, and it will most definitely pay off.

A huge variety of marketing tools is what makes Instagram stand out among other platforms. Most of it is Facebook’s influence, but you can’t deny that Instagram quickly became a rather big marketplace with thousands of brands present. It wouldn’t be possible without marketing tools for business: metrics tracking, engagement tools, shopping tags, and even inbuilt opportunities to shop or book services. A lot of these tools also bring customers closer to actually buying something, so if you want more traffic on your website or more sales, Instagram is your best option.

Did we mention traffic? After creating a loyal audience, there’s nothing stopping you from directing these people to your website. Instagram has an inbuilt browser that also allows you to track how many people visited your website through the link in your bio or your promoted post or story.

And what we think is the major reason to at least try to promote your brand on Instagram is its mobility. Unlike other social media, Instagram is originally app-based. And these days people tend to spend more of their leisure time on their smartphones instead of visiting sites from the desktop. The app provides a better engagement, and still looks great after all these years. Nevermind that the ability to buy something in a few clicks inside the app attracts people much more than a thought about opening the website and doing everything manually.

How to make it big on Instagram


And finally, the “how?” question. To answer that properly, we’ll need another big article to write. But don’t worry, we’ll still explain the main opportunities to promote your company. First of all, you have to focus both on your audience and on the engagement they create for your content. You need to regularly post relevant posts that will capture the attention of your target audience. You can combine them with Stories for better engagement and visibility.

And of course, you need more followers. Followers are the basis of your promotion — if there’s none of them, you don’t have credibility to sell your product or services in the eyes of anyone who will visit your profile. You can grow your audience the organic way: create a motivation for people to follow you, create a good first impression, start a paid ad campaign. All of these techniques are relevant, you can try them out and in the long run, they’ll eventually work for you.

But if you need something less time-consuming for your profile, buying 10k followers (actual real followers and not just bots) is your best option. This way you’ll increase your visibility, receive more profile visits, and at the same time your profile will look trustworthy to everyone who visits your page for the first time. It’s a win-win scenario, especially if you choose a trusted service like “Soc-Promotion” to buy followers.

They also provide likes, views, and auto-likes for your photos and videos in various packages. Don’t worry about the quality — as it turns out in practice, these services are safe and provide high-quality engagement and activity for your profile. Combined with organic ways to grow your audience and engagement, this option skyrockets your metrics and creates a lot of new customers for your business.

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