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Car History Checks: Why They’re So Important

Car History Checks: Why They’re So Important

Have you ever wondered about why car history checks are so important? There are many reasons that you might want to invest in a car history check, but it’s not always clear how these might apply to your vehicle or purchase. Fortunately, we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about car history checks as follows to help you decide whether this is the right solution for your needs.

Why are Car History Checks So Important?


There are numerous reasons why running car history check is vital. While these may sometimes depend on the status of the vehicle (for example, if you have already purchased it or if you are still in the negotiations process), it’s still worth keeping in mind the value that these tools can bring for all vehicle owners.

View the Registered Vehicle Details

One of the simplest assessments a car history check can run is listing the basic details relating to the vehicle registered to a particular number plate. This is crucial when purchasing a new car, especially when searching online, as it can help you verify that the number plate is legitimate. For example, if the plate is registered to a blue Vauxhall but you’re looking to buy a black Nissan, you know there’s likely something dishonest going on.

Check Past MOT and Mileage Data


Many vehicles can look great on the surface, but knowing what the vehicle has – and hasn’t – had fixed in past MOTs can help you get a better understanding. Plus, this can also highlight any potential warnings that may go wrong in the next MOT, while also showing the previously recorded mileage records. This can be a simple way to check whether the car has likely had its mileage clocked at any point in time.

Ensure the Car Hasn’t Been Written Off or Stolen

Write offs aren’t always obvious, and stolen cars are often even less so. And, while the seller may be able to produce logbooks and the like that look genuine, it’s always still worth checking that the car hasn’t been recorded as a write off or a stolen vehicle during its life. After all, if you mistakenly purchase a stolen car, you’ll likely have to give it back to the rightful owner – leaving you hugely out of pocket.

View Past Owner Details and Financing Information


While you won’t be able to see the owner’s personal history, knowing how many people have owned the vehicle during its life can help inform your buying decision and allow you more insight into how the car has been used. Moreover, car history checks also allow you to check whether previous owners have any outstanding finance on the car; any vehicles that are not fully paid off are not the individual’s to sell, and should you purchase these cars, you could end up liable for the finance on top of the purchase price.

Run a Car History Check for Your Vehicle Today

If you think that running a vehicle history check might be right for your car or one, you’re hoping to buy, then our team here at Full Car Checks can help. We have put our all into developing a reliable, cost-effective check that provides information rapidly as and when you need it. So, don’t get caught unaware; make sure you’ve brushed up on your vehicle’s history before going any further.

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