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Beyond the Nest: Cultivating a Luxe Lifestyle for the Next Stage

Beyond the Nest: Cultivating a Luxe Lifestyle for the Next Stage

Once the kids have left home and with work and family obligations winding down, you’ve earned some “me time” to cultivate a luxe lifestyle for this exciting next stage. From smart home tech to custom-designed spaces, today’s luxury homes offer elegant amenities to indulge your newfound freedom as an empty nester.

To find the perfect partner to help make your dream a reality, all you need to do is a quick ‘custom home builder near me’ search. If you live in or around Houston, you may just have the opportunity to work with a developer like Jamestown Estate Homes.

Automated Homes Provide Comfort and Convenience

Automated Homes


Imagine waking gently to sunlight as programmed window shades lift automatically each morning. Your preferred music starts playing to help ease you into the day while the coffee maker brews your favorite blend, and the temperature adjusts to your desired setting around the house.

Voice controls allow you to adjust lighting, entertainment, and security settings on command. With home automation features, you can create an effortless smart home catered specifically to your needs.

Control lighting, climate, audio, security and more from your smartphone or with voice assistants. Program recurring settings like waking scenes, bedtime shutdown, and vacation mode for when you’re away.

Outdoor Rooms Extend Your Living Space

Today’s luxury homes incorporate extended living areas with upscale outdoor amenities. Cozy seating areas around an outdoor fireplace or fire pit create a peaceful spot for stargazing or curling up with a good read.

An outdoor kitchen complete with high-end grills, beverage center, counter space and dining area makes backyard entertaining a breeze.

Weather resistant televisions and integrated audio allow you to catch the game or host movie nights alfresco. Retractable screens provide insect-free relaxation in an instant.

Spaces Designed For Your Interests

As an empty nester, you finally have time to pursue hobbies and passions that have been long neglected. Bring your plans to life with custom spaces designed specifically with your interests in mind.

Have you always wanted to write your memoir? Construct a quiet home office with custom built-ins for your computer, photo storage and writing essentials.

Into crafting or woodworking? Finish the basement or garage into a fully outfitted studio complete with storage, counters, specialty lighting and equipment.

With the kids out of the house, you can finally have spaces tailored specifically for you. A custom home builder can help design and construct the ideal creative spaces to cultivate your interests beyond the nest.

home design for middle aged


Right Size Without Compromise

Rather than echoing alone through the oversized family home, many empty nesters are choosing to downsize to smaller luxury residences better suited for two. Open-concept main living spaces give an airier feel, while less overall square footage means less cleaning and maintenance.

But smaller certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing elegance or amenities. Look for homes with high-end finishes like quartz countertops, hardwood flooring and spa-like baths.

Smart home technology offers security, convenience, and peace of mind. For maintenance-free indulgence, today’s luxury cottages and villas allow rightsizing without compromise.

Cultivate Your Luxury Lifestyle

As the kids leave the nest, you have the freedom to cultivate a truly luxurious lifestyle tailored specifically for this exciting next chapter. Smart home technology automates convenience right at your command. Outdoor living spaces extend refined relaxation into the great outdoors.


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Custom-designed creative spaces indulge hobbies and passions. And smaller luxury homes let you live large in a thoughtfully curated setting.

With family obligations winding down, now is the moment to cultivate the luxe lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having more time for. Bring your unique vision to life and enjoy luxury living beyond the nest.

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