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What To Do if You Are Frustrated With Your Current Accountant

What To Do if You Are Frustrated With Your Current Accountant

As a business owner, it is important to have good team chemistry between your workers. Anything that is trying to ruin that chemistry is your job to find a solution for it and fix it. You can’t work in unhealthy conditions because that will not only ruin your productivity but is also bad for your mental health. If your accountant has an office somewhere else, not in your building, there might be other things that might upset you and you can be become frustrated with your current one.

If your accountant is not working properly, or it takes a long time to do a job that is actually pretty easy you might feel frustrated because you pay fairly and you don’t get anything in return. Your accountant may be ignoring your calls or messages or calling up late so you can’t finish the job in time because they are irresponsible.

They may also offer you things that they cannot meet, for example, a taxing problem to be fixed in your favor. Also, your accountant might not take your job seriously and can be unprofessional. All these things can be factors that add up to your frustration and not being satisfied with their work.

In this article, we are going to teach you how can you fix the situation with your current one or in the worst case, how to fire your current accountant.

Try to talk and explain what makes you dissatisfied


The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your accountant about the things that you don’t like and you find wrong. You can explain your point of view, and he or she can explain theirs. With this kind of conversation, all issues can be quickly resolved.

Also, there may be a bigger problem that is going on in their life, for example, family problems or something worse, and they can’t focus well on work so firing them won’t exactly be ethical.

Fire your current one


If they don’t act well when you are trying to explain what they are doing wrong, or they just pretend that they listen and they don’t correct their mistakes you might think about firing them. It is not worth keeping someone around when he is not doing his job properly and obviously not giving enough respect for authority.

Before firing the accountant, you should look through the contract that you have to see if they are on a deal that obliges you to keep them for a certain time. If they don’t have such an agreement, you should write a firing letter that says everything that they do wrong and why you think that firing is a solution for that.

When you have fired your current one, you should collect every file that they hold so you can hand them over to the new one, and also change every code so they can’t use any of your accounts.

Hire a new one


After firing the previous one, you will obviously need a replacement.  This is a difficult and long process, so it would be a good idea to start looking before you fire your current one as suggested by Adelaide Accounting. Look for someone who will not do the same things and mistakes as the other one. You can discuss that on the hiring day so you keep it simple and make it clear on what you want them to do.

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