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What Is The Most Durable Decking Material & Tips For Choosing

What Is The Most Durable Decking Material & Tips For Choosing

Decks in a home of the perfect area for recreation and hosting small events. While the construction of a deck is a big responsibility on its own, one first needs to find the right material for it. Previously it had a dominance as the primary taking material but now fiberglass and even concrete are being used extensively. In this article we will talk about how to choose the best material and which one should be the first choice.

How to Choose the Right Decking Material



Durability is the most important factor because it reduces any chances of repair and maintenance. Pressure treated wood does not rot and mold. Tropical hardwood is just as durable and works well for being resistant to pests and rotting.

Perhaps the most durable option would be concrete as you would not need to worry about constant maintenance once it sets. Composite materials made from wood and recycle plastics that have the durability of both the components. They do not require much maintenance and are great when it comes to durability.



Different materials are available at different prices which will depend on the budget. As a homeowner, we would recommend you having a budget for the entire procedure from choosing the material to construction.

Popular materials might be cheaper given that they are available at multiple outlets. Composite and fiberglass might be costly so choose them only if your budget allows for it. The deck building process will be dependent on how much you can invest especially if you want to install screened porches so make sure that everything is done at the proper price.



The amount of maintenance also factors in towards making the right choice. Concrete requires minimal maintenance much like any composite material. Redwood, cedar, and tropical hardwood, all require a certain level of maintenance. Aluminum decks are also available even though not chosen by many. They do not require a lot of maintenance and are perfect for long term usage without any issues with insects.

The Most Durable Decking Material


We have mentioned multiple taking materials but only one of them comes out to be the winner. Based on the durability, maintenance and budget, we can say that two options are the best choice.

Pressure treated wood great in terms of pricing and holding against insect infestation and rotting. Composite materials are slightly expensive but do not require any kind of maintenance and are free from rot and mold. Either of the two can be chosen apart from other materials like redwood, FRP from SeaSafe and concrete.

The Takeaway

Building a deck is a process which requires utmost care for the choice of material and builder. The durability, budget, and maintenance needs are all important for choosing the right type of material. All of the factors together decide which option is the best for you. The answer may be subjective so do not be afraid to make a choice which other people are not making a sling as it feels right for you.

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