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Epic Games And Apple Still Stuck On A Legal Battle.

Epic Games And Apple Still Stuck On A Legal Battle.

App Store developer account of Epic Games has been shut off by Apple. This action has been taken in order to halt the studio’s ability to put new updates or apps to the Apple App Store. in their legal fight, This is a new height. However, some people saw this coming when Apple threatened to do this last week.

Reason For Epic Games Vs Apple Legal Battle

As reported previously, Epic Games announced that the price of V-Bucks, which is Fortnite’s in-game currency and is bought by real money, would be 20% cheaper permanently for all platforms. For this purpose, a new payment method was introduced on iOS and Android.

On the Apple Store, An option was put for Fortnite players to pay directly for in-game upgrades, by the Epic Games, In order to avoid the 30 percent commission that Apple takes through its App Store,  This step was taken. This initiated the legal battle. Obviously, This went against Apple’s policies. Hence,  Apple promised to terminate the studio’s developer account and pulled the game and gave an ultimatum for August 29, Friday.

As a consequence, Apple has been sued by Epic Games and soon Epic Games shall submit its demands.

So what has now actually happened is that on the iPad or iPhone, even if you’ve downloaded the game before, Fortnite is no longer available.

Not only this, but Other Epic games are also no longer able to be downloaded again, such as Infinity Blade.

Due to Epic Games violating terms of service, Fortnite has not only been removed from the App Store but also from the Google Play Stores because it has been alleged that both had a monopoly over their stores on iOS and Android

On Monday Epic’s motion for a temporary restraining order was denied by even A judge which was filed to prevent Fortnite’s removal.

Epic’s temporary restraining order regarding Unreal Engine, however, was granted by The judge. many game developers use this engine is used.

On Friday, the judge’s order about the developer account that Epic uses for Unreal Engine has been complied with by Apple.

Apple had allegedly threatened to terminate all of Epic Games’ App Store developer accounts, as cited in a legal notice issued by Epic Games against both, and also remove tools for development on iOS and Mac.

Epic Games made a parody of 1984 commercial, as a taunt, of Apple. In it, they appealed for the support of the fans. This shows that probably Epic Games was already expecting action from Apple.

Then as a reaction, to mention that “the final days of the entire Fortnite community’s ability to play together,” the #FreeFortnite Cup was also announced.

Tim Sweeney, CEO Epic Games was alleged by Apple of asking for an exception from the terms and conditions of the App Store. As a reply, Sweeney presented screenshots of the alleged emails and said that Apple’s statement was misleading. favoring Epic Games, Microsoft also jumped in the action and filed a supporting statement.

Rather than have Fortnite return to the App Store and negotiate an amicable resolution to the lawsuit, it seems strange to submit an update for a game removed from the App Store. However, that clearly seems unlikely if you judge by Epic Games’ “marketing” by in-game events of the lawsuit that is going on.

As already mentioned above, For Mac and iOS, Apple has threatened to remove tools for development. Unfortunately, there is no other way to interpret this other than Games being developed in the Unreal Engine and already developed shall not work on Mac and iOS.

This not only affects the projects already in development But also the currently installed apps too, as they became outdated due to lack of updates, the existing games might also need to be removed from the App Store.

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