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How Many Exams are There For CCNP Security

How Many Exams are There For CCNP Security

Since we live in a technology era where a lot depends on different types of information, it is of utter importance to preserve and secure its status, while minimizing the chance of it being compromised. In order to maintain the standard and separate professionals from the ones who solely claim they are, network specialists take exams and acquire internationally recognized Cisco certifications. What upsets many willing to try their luck and demonstrate their expertise in network management and protection is how many exams they need to take for CCNP security. If you are one of them, we advise you to read the lines below and clear your doubts.

The work of a Cisco certified network officer is not easy, otherwise, people would not make a fuss about it as much as they do. The certificate does not grant you numerous job opportunities, but it will most definitely put you in front of a competition that has not been certified. On the other hand, it will make your potential employer aware of your advanced skill set and enable you to either ask for a pay rise if you have already been employed or aim for a higher initial paycheck than the case would be if you did have not have CCNP.

1.  Security Core Exam


The first exam you will have to take if you apply for Cisco Certified Network Professional Security is the security core exam. Here your knowledge about general security and network management knowledge will be put to test, and you will have to demonstrate advanced techniques in dealing with particular general issues regarding networks.

Also, you will be asked to provide potential solutions for various situations that serve for you to prove whether you are an IT security expert or not. If you demonstrate a successful level of knowledge, you will advance to another exam and continue your journey to the certificate.

Do bear in mind that acquiring Cisco certification is not child’s play, especially because you need to be informed about the contemporary technological advancements, so if you are willing to increase your chances of passing, click here for more info.

2. Enterprise Concentration Exam


As its name suggests, the second exam will test your knowledge of a particular subject more thoroughly, and fortunately, you can pick between 6 different topics and choose the one that suits your working style and current knowledge the most. The point of choosing a particular subject is not solely to select the one that seems the easiest, moreover, it will influence the certificate you acquire and direct your career in a certain direction.

Since you get to pick between 6 different types of exams, you should also be aware that you will have exactly 90 minutes to finish the test, while the security core exam lasts 30 minutes more.

We certainly hope that the aforementioned pieces of information will help you prepare adequately and get exactly the type of Cisco certification you need. Besides a higher salary, you will also get the respect you deserve from your superiors and coworkers, while additional perfecting in the field can easily get you to a managerial position.

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