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Features To Look For In An Outdoor Torch

Features To Look For In An Outdoor Torch

Efficient lighting in your place of business is essential, and that includes hand-held torches at the ready in case of emergency, or as backing lighting for dark spaces. If you’re on the lookout for a new stock of outdoor torches, here’s what you need to pay attention to:


Start by asking yourself why you need the torch. Different uses will require different features. For example, if you require a torch for security purposes, you’ll need a much brighter and larger beam. For a simple backup torch in case you lose something in a dark space, you may only need a small pocket-size torch.



Make sure the model you choose is comfortable to use and easy to carry around with you. It should be lightweight and compact, and it should be small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack or to be attached to a belt hook with relative ease.


The output for light is measured in lumens and torches can produce anything from 20 to 2000 lumens or more. If you want the brightest lights, LED bulbs have up to 50,000 lumens. As well as lumens, you should also look at beam intensity and beam distance – this is the distance between the flashlight and an object.

Battery Type


When choosing an outdoor torch, the type of battery and the availability of new batteries should be considered. If the torch uses disposable batteries, the most common are AAA or AA, which are readily available.

CR123A is another popular battery used, though it can be harder to find. You’ll also find these styles as rechargeable batteries which can save you money in the long run. For other power methods, USB charged torches or solar power torches are a handy investment.

Run Time

This is measured in hours rather than minutes and can determine how long your flashlight will last before losing any light power. Using a low-power mode, certain flashlights may run for up to 100 hours or longer before they start to lose power.



You want a torch that is long-lasting and capable of withstanding a variety of scenarios. Look for LED torches that are constructed of high-quality military- or weapon-grade aluminium to ensure long-lasting performance. A textured grip is also useful and prevents the torch slipping from your hand.

Impact And Weather Resistant

Torches are commonly used in times of emergency and as such you want to make sure the torch you choose is durable enough for any situation. A torch that is impact resistant will not damage easily should you accidentally drop it, while weather resistant torches are ideal in case of storms, flooding, and even snow.

Other things you might consider include the size and weight of the torch, the type of beam, and the different features and controls it has, such as light settings, lighting modes (flashing slow or fast) and automatic shut down when not in use. Do your research before you shop and check the features to choose a quality outdoor torch for your business requirements.

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