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7 Ways to Filter Your Drinking Water & Which one is the Best

7 Ways to Filter Your Drinking Water & Which one is the Best

Water is responsible for life on our planet. Not only that, but as beings we are mostly made of water and so are the things we eat. For these and numerous other reasons, it is crucial for a healthy adult to have access to drinking water daily. Otherwise, a whole range of diseases and problems could appear most of which are not that common nowadays because fresh drinking water has become quite widespread. Still, due to the use of chemicals, poor infrastructure, and lack of government support, numerous places around the globe still do not have optimal drinking water. What this means is that these souls need proper ways in which they can filter and purify what they drink from the tap. Buying bottled water is a nice alternative but also an expensive one at times. Water has become more expensive than unhealthy, sugary beverages like sodas and this is a problem because many grab these off the store shelves more often than water.

Staying hydrated has so many benefits. Moreover, using clean water in cooking and everything else around the house is important for the well-being and happiness. If there is too much scale and limestone, the pipes, sinks, and taps may become damaged over time and require replacement. In case any or all of the aforementioned problem are way too familiar to you, it is high time you did something about it. In this article you will learn about the best ways to filter your drinking water as well as which among them are the best. To learn more and check out one of the top choices you should consider, make sure to visit

1. Boiling


The oldest, most traditional, and perhaps the simplest way of purifying water and making sure it is safe for consumption is boiling it for a while. However, there is a reason why it is not so widespread nor common in the modern world. First of all, it takes a lot of time. Second, it is boiling hot (obviously) once it is pure and nobody wants to drink hot water. While the high temperature kills off the viruses and bacteria, as well as most chemicals from dirty tap water, some of them can still remain at the bottom of the container. To purify is completely you would also have to strain it. It all seems like too much work nowadays when other choices are available.

2. Purifiers

Technology and gadgets it has given us have truly revolutionized our everyday life. No longer do we need to wait around for things to happen before we can enjoy something. The same should go for water and these electric purifiers allow you just that. Thanks to technologies like UV and UF filtration, carbon blocking, and other modern water fitter thingamajigs that give you the purest drinking water available in minutes or even seconds. The multi-stage process is safe and in line with all the regulations and requirements, so make sure to give it a shot if you want cleaner water for your family.

3. Chlorination


Chlorination is most often used for pools and other scenarios in which a lot of water needs to be purified quickly and efficiently. Through the use of 5% chlorine that is added to the water that acts like an oxidant, it kills the microorganisms and other things that should not be in the drinking water. The result you get is consumption friendly water that can be used in many ways. While the system itself is not easily obtainable nor practical for in the house use as a main source of purification, in some situations it can work wonders.

4. Distillation

Distilled water has been used for centuries as a purified form of water found in nature, both fresh and salt. The process involves condensation and collecting evaporated water from a container. The result you get is free of contaminants and safe for drinking. For modern purposes it is quite time consuming for everyday use, and a bad side of it is the fact it also eliminates beneficial minerals from certain water.

5. Solar Purification


While it may sound like science fiction at first, it is actually a common method of purification where UV filtration does all the work. The water is being treated with ultraviolet radiation from the sun and it is quite easy to achieve. All you have to do is fill up some bottles, shake them, and leave them horizontally in direct sunlight. The radiation and heat will kill the viruses and the bacteria inside and leave safe, drinkable water. Again, this is not ideal for modern times where you need water right away.

6. Desalination

The go-to mechanism of removing salt from seawater is the process of desalination. Drinking seawater is counterproductive and dangerous for our bodies for numerous reasons, so this helpful filtration technique may help you in some cases. It is applicable for any water that has too much salt in it, and therefore useful for homes. It does remove essential minerals alongside the salt and other content, but it gives out pure water after all.

7. Tap Filters


Last but not least, there are countless examples of filters that go right on your tap that provide clean water as soon as it starts running. Based on different filtration and purification systems, there are quite popular around the world, even in cities and countries that generally have quality drinking water. Give them a shot as there is no downside to them.

Conclusion and Takeaways

As you can see, most of the ways in which you can get filtered drinking water nowadays are obsolete because they are either inconvenient or time-consuming. In many cases it is both of these. The only two solutions that can truly help you in your home and that will assure your family is staying hydrated and healthy in the best ways possible are electronic purifier stations and tap filters. Everything else takes too much effort and waiting around, which renders them useless in emergencies and when people are actually thirsty at that specific moment.

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