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Top Gambling Cities In The UK

Top Gambling Cities In The UK

Gambling represents the most popular part of the entertainment industry. It follows the developments related to new technologies and the big expansion was seen during the 20th century. During that time, most of the games known today were developed. The traditional casinos remain as the most popular places for gambling even today when there is a focus on online platforms.

On the other side, websites are offering many benefits. First of all, we have to mention the convenience. There is no reason to travel to some place only to play a couple of hands when you can do that on your smartphone or PC. Also, it is much easier and affordable. A lot of websites are offering much lower minimum bets when compared to big land-based casinos.

Another advantage of websites is that there is huge competition in this market today. Companies are using various strategies to get more players, and one of the most common is related to promo features where you can get free credit after registration. In most cases, you will get a percentage from your first payment.

Besides that, some websites went a step further and started to offer completely free promotions without any additional terms. Also, you can use the credit for both gambling and betting on sports events. If you want to read more about some of the best promotions available in the UK, check out Free Bets UK.

The option to play online leads to further expansion in popularity. Still, many professional players would rather choose to play at some live table. The main reason is the unique feeling that you can have while holding the chips and sitting in some crowded and loud place. If you are interested in such an experience while staying in the United Kingdom, here are some of the best cities you should visit.



It is not a surprise that we are starting with London. The capital of the UK is the largest and most popular city as well. When it comes to gambling, it is one of the best places in Europe. There are over 20 big casinos, and the best ones are Hippodrome and Les Ambassadeurs.

The Hippodrome is for regular players interesting in trying their luck while staying in London. There is an excellent selection of live tables and virtual games in this place. On the other hand, Les Ambassadeurs is for special members and real professionals who can become guests only with a special invitation.



If you are looking for a place rich with nightlife where you can visit various nightclubs that are not exclusive like those in London, Cardiff might be the best option. It is common for places that are popular among tourists and people who are spending nights in clubs to offer additional entertainment as well.

There are four big casinos in this city, Les Croupiers and Rainbow are the biggest ones. Both options are great for beginners and professionals, and there are various tables with a wide range of minimum bets. In that matter, you can get in with only 50 pounds and still have a lot of fun along with a chance to win some bigger prize.



While the selection is not as big as in some bigger cities, there are still some options worth mentioning, like Gensing Fountain or York Place. It is not the best for serious players interested in playing some big hands, but can be a decent solution for those who are looking for some entertainment before getting out to some pub or nightclub.



This city is the second-largest one in the UK when it comes to the number of available land-based casinos.  There are some big resorts where you can have a great time since you can visit some nice luxurious restaurants along with various events while taking a break between poker sessions or some other games.

Besides the common games, we have to mention sports betting, which is amazingly popular in this country. There are big sportsbooks as part of these casinos where you can place a bet on numerous events, and enjoy watching them in live. The experience will be even better with a good pint and some fish and chips.



The number of resorts is similar to Birmingham, and Leeds is becoming more popular in recent years as a place where you can have a lot of fun while testing your luck in some casino. The interesting fact is that the expansion of online platforms is not affecting these resorts so much. However, there were some serious issues during the lockdowns, when these places had to remain closed.

That is also one of the main factors that made online gambling so popular today. However, after the situation with the pandemic is getting under control, people again have a chance to experience something more unique while playing in Grosvenor or some other bigger brand in Leeds.


We can find many articles related to the future of gambling and how the online model will completely suppress the traditional one. The changes in recent years are significant, but the traditional model will remain popular for a long time. The main reason for that is the feeling you can get while sitting at the live table. Even with the development of virtual reality devices and augmented reality where you can have nearly the same feeling as when you are in some public casino, the best way to experience winning a big hand at some game is by playing in some of these places.

Moreover, we have to mention that the companies behind these big resorts are aware of the current trends, which means that you can expect various promotions similar to those available on websites. Besides that, it is a safer solution since it can be difficult to control so many platforms, which means that some of them could be scams. If you are not sure whether it is safe to share data on some website, be sure to check if it has all licenses, regular payment methods, and read more about the experience of other players.

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