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How Much Cheaper Is A Lab-grown Diamond?

How Much Cheaper Is A Lab-grown Diamond?

The demand for diamonds is quite high but we do not have that many diamonds. The reason is not that we do not have enough diamonds in the world but it is that we cannot extract that many. The extraction process is quite a challenge because diamonds only exist in the deeper layers of soil. However, with our current technology, we are unable to dig any deeper. Therefore, we have to make do with the available ones that we have.

Secondly, the diamonds that we extract from the underground deposits need to be taken care of. These diamonds are rough and mostly have varying sizes. That is why you cannot just wear them as it is. Even after extraction, our companies do cleaning, cutting, and size adjustments to the extracted diamonds. This is the reason that they are quite expensive as they need a lot of effort.

Because of the difficulty of getting an extracted diamond, our geniuses have worked to provide us with lab-grown ones. So if we can have lab-grown veggies and fruits, why not diamonds?

Where can you get them?


If you are hearing about lab grown diamonds for the first time, you can visit They will not only guide you about lab-grown diamonds but they also have a wide collection of rings. So you can buy your diamond ring from them.

Are they really cheaper?

To your surprise, lab-grown diamonds are actually so much cheaper than the real ones that you can buy many for the price of one real one. Therefore, if you are tight on budget and you are in dire need of a diamond ring, why not go with this option?

Of course, it is not a natural product but it will be far better than other stones. And you won‘t be lying about the diamond. Even if it is a lab-grown one, it is still a diamond.



As for the prices of both, naturally mined diamonds are quite expensive. A 1-carat diamond will go for $5000 to $6000. And of course, not everyone can afford that price. And note that, this price is only for 1 carat. So if you move to a higher carat, the price will also increase.

On the other hand, when it comes to lab-grown ones, their price is 50 to 60 percent less. So you can find a 1-carat diamond for $2000 to $3000. Amazing, isn’t it? You are getting a direct discount of 50 to 60 percent and only paying half price.

The price difference is not because of the quality or properties of both diamonds. Instead, this difference is because of the level of ease and quantity. We are limited when it comes to natural ones. However, as for the lab ones, we can have as many as we want in a short period of time. So we can cater to our needs very easily.

But what about the other aspects?


You might be thinking that if there is so much difference in the price, the natural ones will be better. But is it so?

To get the answer to this question, let’s look at the other factors.

1 – Creation

The main reason behind the price of both diamonds is their creation. The naturally mined ones are created by nature. They were formed over the period of billions of years under the deeper layers of the earth after getting the right amount of pressure and temperature. Furthermore, they are so much deeper under the ground that we cannot easily extract them. Additionally, they need to undergo the process of cleaning and cutting.

So firstly, they needed a lot of time and a special environment to nourish. Secondly, their extraction is quite challenging. Thirdly, even after extraction, they have to undergo many processes. Also, they have a high demand. Therefore, it is natural to have a high price tag too.

But what about our other category?

Lab-grown ones are produced in massive quantities. That is why we can always have as many diamonds as we want. Furthermore, it only takes a few weeks to produce them. Therefore, the price is relatively low. But if you are thinking that they are just cheaper stones, this is not the case. The chemical properties are the same for both.

2 – Chemical composition

Both natural and lab-grown diamonds are made from carbon atoms. The natural ones existed naturally. However, to make the lab-grown ones similar to them, their chemical and physical composition was kept the same. So if you have any doubt about it, do not worry. They both are exactly the same.

3 – The quality difference between the both

As for the quality of diamonds, their prices are adjusted accordingly.

Natural diamonds exist in different qualities. Therefore, their prices also vary. If the diamond is of the best quality, it will have the highest price. Likewise, the price will drop with the dropping quality. So we can say that naturally extracted ones come in a range of grades (or qualities). Also, their shapes and colors are also there but of course, there are limitations. Why? Because we are getting them naturally, so we have to accept what we are getting.

On the other hand, lab-grown ones are completely in our hands. Therefore, we can have a higher quality without any problem. Thus, we have produced a huge quantity of best-quality diamonds. In fact, we can produce as many as we want because of using technology to do so. Thus, there are no interventions from the outside. Furthermore, we can have a range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

4 – Hardness

Diamonds are known for their hardness. Therefore, you might have doubts about the hardness of lab diamonds.

But of course, no need to worry about it. We have already told you that both diamonds have similar physical and chemical properties. Therefore, they both get a 10 on the Mohs scale. So we can say that both have the same level of hardness.

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