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Underlining The Importance of a Grill Cover in Shielding Your BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Investment 

Underlining The Importance of a Grill Cover in Shielding Your BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Investment 

After buying your first grill, you often wonder whether to cover it or not. The right way to use a grill cover bought from could look like a simple concept, but it’s no short of a conundrum. A water-resistant grill from some rookie brand won’t be able to withstand the downpour and deluge in rainy seasons.

  • Cover the bases first. While it could be beneficial to keep it open at times, you also try other types of combinations to cover the station.
  • A steady grill cover can endure the weather throughout the year. There are cost-effective grills that have low quality.
  • If you live in a humid climate, coastal climate, or dry climates, your covering needs will vary.
  • Humidity doesn’t always translate into tropical and hot weather. It can also imply a foggy and damp day. In areas that have this kind of weather, it’s not a good idea to cover the grill.
  • There are those with vents. They support airflow and help in releasing egregious humidity. It’s also a good idea to let some air penetrate the grill.
  • In coastal areas, where the erratic weather and salty air can create troubles, it’s important to cover your grill.
  • To ensure optimum functionality, it’s prudent to perform a wipe down each week. Use a damp cloth and apply extensive drying. It will eliminate salty residue, ensuring a long life for the machine.

Shielding your investment


When you buy a BBQ, it’s in your best interests to secure it from chemicals, water, moisture, and dust. You need a grill cover to make it long-lasting and safe. However, the challenge is to choose the best ones.

  • Brands are a pivotal aspect. There are many grill cover brands in the market. You need to research every brand to determine which one entails all the essential properties that you’re looking for.
  • You need to check the BBQ material’s brand as well. Check the thickness of its cover.
  • Price is another undeniable factor. The price of a grill cover is bound to vary, depending on the material quality.
  • If you want heavy-duty materials that have exceptional waterproof qualities and high durability, you can expect it within $30-$80.
  • You will find that if you don’t really need a durable material, a cheaper material and build can work for you. You can get it within $20.
  • You make BBQ covers from a variety of materials that suit multiple purposes. If you need a water-resistant one but don’t take flammability into consideration, polyester could be a fantastic choice.
  • A canvas cover can also be a viable choice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow moisture or rainwater to slope down or slide off. It keeps soaking up. They are not very ideal for the rainy season.
  • Regarding the size, you can’t buy a BBQ cover that’s larger or smaller than your station.

Choosing a grill cover


The crucial aspect about grill covers is that it helps in extending your grill’s life. If you take care of your grill, it can last anywhere from 10-20 years. It makes your investment worthwhile.

  • Make sure your grill cover is fitting the grill, or else it will blow off in the wake of rainstorm or wind, exposing your grill to the elements.
  • Rain can destroy grilling stations. If you see a park or patio that has an outdoor charcoal grill, you will see how the elements can damage a setup.
  • If your cover is too small for the grill, it’s futile to buy it. You will end up cursing and panting all your life, settling, and adjusting the sides or edges of the cover.
  • You can find grill covers in most premier retail stores or hardware stores. Generally, they come with your grill only. Additionally, you can find them online as well.
  • It’s crucial to know the model and make of your grill along with its dimension for purchasing the best fitting and quality for the cover.
  • Do remember that a premium grill cover also helps in keeping your device clean. After doing all the cleaning and scrubbing, clean it as well.

The different designs


The two dog designs are very popular today. The cart style is 88 inches. These are black BBQ covers. Two dog designs and Montana grilling stations are two extremely popular grill covers.

  • They are perfect for your patio grills. They provide stupendous protection for your barbeque and outdoor patio at competitive rates. These long-lasting covers come in black or khaki. They contain heavyweight polyester.
  • They have thick, strong PVC lining and double stitching. They entail Velcro ties and tabs to help shield your investment.
  • They are ideal for oversized and regular furniture, smokers and grills, patio heaters, fire pits, and log racks and fountains. They help in creating a unified look for your patio or outdoor living area.
  • Water-resistance and Velcro adjustments, and enhanced UV and a giant cart style make these grill covers very popular in the market.
  • If you see its dimensions, you will know the versatility of this product. The assembled depth is 26 inches. It weighs 8 pounds, and the packaged depth and packaged weight is 13 and 8 inches.
  • The assembled height and width are 45 and 88 inches. The packaged height is 4 inches, and the packaged width is 13 inches.
  • As an informed customer, you can check the warranty before buying these covers.

The universal designs


The waterproof, UV and fade-resistant grill covers generally have a large size. The material quality is premium. You make them from 600D heavy-duty material. They have PVC coating to shield from harsh weather conditions.

  • Strong and durable, these covers come with dense stitches and robust, versatile bound seams. The coating is UV-resistant.
  • These grill covers also have unique designs. The stylish covers can protect you grill, creating a far better look than ordinary grill covers.

The Velcro straps and handles ensure a convenient and strong placement. You can adjust them and remove them any time you want. The durable handles on either side help you in adjusting the cover as per your needs.

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