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Marvel Avengers Beta Tips And Tricks

Marvel Avengers Beta Tips And Tricks

After experiencing the first beta of marvel avengers. Different expectations to Marvel’s Avengers among the fans and haters are there. Millions were looking forward to this beta to go live so they can get hands-on experience of the Marvels avengers and check and test for themselves whether the game should be bought or not.

First, PlayStation reserved Spiderman for itself then the opening of open beta.

Marvel Avengers Release

No one is going to be left behind. Everyone is going to get a chance to play the game once it’s released. The full-fledged game is to be dropped worldwide on September 4.

PC, Xbox One, Ps4, PS5, and google stadia users all may get ready.

Marvel Avengers Open Beta Timings

Marvel’s avengers beta went live on weekends only. It slowly granted more people access.

Well, worry no more. The time has come. The game is live in Open Beta and anyone can get the most out of this weekend and play for free. And no you don’t have to pre-order it.

The dates and timings are the same for all platforms from August 21 until, 9 pm local time till August 23, 9 pm local time for all the major platforms i.e. Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Marvel Avengers, Open Beta Tips and Tricks

In Open beta, you get to try and checkout four single-player Missions. Four back-breaking War Zones and three exciting HARM Room Challenges. You also get to taste the five Drop Zones.

In the case of warzone and dropzone. You can either play solo or with a group of friends up to four players.

Marvel Avengers Harm Room

Fortnite collectibles can also be unlocked with Marvels Avengers’ open beta.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4  players should have linked Epic Games accounts and their Square Enix Members. Not only this but also beating the three tough and exhilarating HARM-room challenges mentioned above. Then finally you can get your hands-on bonus Hulkbuster and Hulk Smashers Pickaxe for a Battle Royal game Fortnite.

Secret snowy tundra mission

In case you don’t know, the secret mission is hidden in the beta. One of the first tasks in the beta was to send Kamala and the Hulk to the Snow Tundra, but when they were completed, they disappeared from the battle list map. However, you can indeed return to Snow Tundra in the Marvel Avengers Beta to begin a secret mission and unlock rare gear in the SHIELD Vault.

How to Unlock the Secret Mission in the Avengers Beta

To unlock the secret mission of the Avengers Beta Snow Snow Tundra, you need to complete another mission. After adding the mission  Second Target. Once this is done, you will have the coordinates to find and enter the snowy tundra. Browse the battle table map and select Star Coast Pacific Northwest Star. Be aware that you are trying to find SHIELD secret cache, but it is not that easy, it is not marked for you. Use a signal locator to find the buffer.

How to Play as Thor in the Avengers Beta

Thor is only available for the first mission of the Avengers beta.

There takes place an A-Day incident. Game’s story begins after that, The character you get is Thor. Sadly, This is the only time you get to play Thor in Open Beta. This is surely a bummer as he is one of the most loved characters.

How to Play as Captain America in the Avengers Beta

Just like Thor, Captain America is also only playable in the opening A-Day mission. Actually, the A-Day mission allows players to play as the entire Avengers team.

America in marvel avengers

One must know that Captain America part of the A-Day mission takes place at almost the end, so have patience and enjoy the Hulk and Thor parts of the mission before finally taking control of Captain America. Just like Thor, Unfortunately, This too is the only chance you get to play as Captain America in the Avengers beta, which breaks one’s heart because he’s a fan-favorite character.

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