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How MMORPGs Have Changed The Gaming Industry?

How MMORPGs Have Changed The Gaming Industry?

In earlier years, many people started playing MMORPGs for the same reasons. Each of them loved the fantasy, freedom and adventure that these games give them. Communities made up of people around the world also had a great influence. In addition, the communities were impressive, lively and breathtaking.

Everything was amazing about these games, and then something completely new and unusual. MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online role playing game. They are different, and offer a rich virtual world and a large number of players who communicate with each other and create history.



High quality projects do not leave you indifferent. The modern toy market is so big that it is almost impossible to find something new. But there are still masterpieces of the industry, which are worth paying attention to. What makes them different from other video games (except for the necessity of an internet connection) is also group cohesion and interaction. Success in such games depends on personal abilities and training, but it also depends on the cooperation of the group.

The most famous game is definitely World of Warcraft. The point of this and other games is to live in the role of a character that you create yourself and with which you progress through the virtual, imaginary world. Over the years, they get new expansions that are more or less different from the previous expansions. What makes games like this more popular is the characteristic behavior and choice of heroes.


You can’t play games like this once, and that’s another factor that influenced their popularity. It is necessary to set aside time for them, but also patience. Some need more time, some less. Staying at certain levels can take much longer than you thought, because there are various factors that affect the ultimate success.

However, this is very fun for the players as it presents a great challenge for them. They are most attracted by the possibility of constant progress and improvement throughout the game. Also, there are more and more services helping you progress faster. You can learn more about such services if you click here.

How do mmorpgs work?


For example, when playing WoW you need to opt for a domain. A game character based on the choice is also created. You need to decide between the two conflicting factions, the Alliance or the Horde. If you would like to communicate with players from the conflicting faction, you can only maintain basic communication. You can have conversations, exchange messages and organize associations only within players of the same faction.

In this way, a connection and a sense of cohesion with the group is achieved. Some research shows that some players feel depressed, reluctant, and even angry about the breakup of a group. So, throughout the game, there is a constant feeling of belonging and acceptance. The choices don’t end there, because the player can also choose the race for the character. These can be orcs, trolls, etc. Depending on the choice, it is necessary to decide on a class such as warriors, priests, etc.

Each class has its advantages and disadvantages, and you will win if you achieve harmony. During the game, players have many opportunities to develop talent and skills. All this helps them to define the abilities of their character. Another interesting function appears, questing. It’s a big part of the game that does the task. The prize is a combination of experience points, items and money from the game. This is how almost all mmorpgs work.

Influence of mmorpgs on the human psyche

Now that you are familiar with the pattern of these games, it is necessary to talk about the psychological aspect. These games definitely show psychological characteristics, which means that gaming has moved to a higher level. The consequence of this pattern is the satisfaction of various types of motivations. Games allow players to achieve and go towards goals, to be social, and that all leads them to “dive” into this world.

When they calculated the amount that this genre brought to the gaming industry a few years ago, it immediately became clear what games are for the future. In 2013, the famous World of Warcraft project gathered around him 7 million players from around the world. MMORPG games are often based on imagination. The main goal is to improve your player. The player has the opportunity to improve it, to develop it.

To do this, he must earn experience points, some resources, communicate with other players for his own benefit. Therefore, players are free to get to know, communicate and help each other. The player progresses through status, equipment, titles, etc. In addition to this, the reputation and admiration of other players also contribute to the player’s stimulation. In such situations, players become happy and satisfied, and they also have a sense of reality and belonging.

Old projects vs new projects


If you look at old projects, they are even different from new ones. But still, the general parameters remain the same: the presence of a permanent virtual world, the ability to upgrade the character, interaction with other players, own culture, general style, community presence, IP personalization. Among the topics, there are several hybrid cases, when famous stories can be combined with history or crimes.

Character editing according to our preferences

One of the main features of these games contributes to immersing players in the virtual world. They have the opportunity to create interesting and specific content. In this way, they express their characteristics and characteristics, but also the many hidden desires they have in the real world. This encourages an escape from reality into gaming. This helps people to escape from stressful everyday life or problems for a short time.


The development of games is so fast that it is practically impossible to follow all the news. However, there is a change that has forever changed the gaming industry and that is mmorpgs. In order to really see the change, we recommend that you take a break, play a single player, strategies, simulations and whatever you are already interested in. After that, return to the MMOs after half a year – a year and you will see the essence of the change.

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