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5 Things Your Net Promoter Score Says About Your Business

5 Things Your Net Promoter Score Says About Your Business

Do you know your Net Promoter Score (NPS)? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, increase revenue.

A Net Promoter Score is derived from customer satisfaction surveys through apps like Delighted. The NPS system uses survey results to calculate a score from -100 to 100. The higher your score, the more satisfied customers you have. A low score means there’s room for improvement. A negative score means you have more detractors than promoters.

NPS is more than just a number

The Net Promoter Score survey isn’t your average customer satisfaction survey. Most surveys are too long, complicated, and frustrating. NPS surveys consist of two questions. The first question asks, “how likely are you to recommend [business] to a friend?” Answers are submitted by clicking on a number from 0-10, with 0 being “not likely” and 10 being “very likely.”

The second question asks the user to expand on their previous answer in their own words. This is where you’ll get the most specific and actionable feedback. Since the survey is so simple and short, more users will want to provide that additional feedback.

Here’s what your Net Promoter Score can tell you about your business.


1. Your product quality


A low Net Promoter Score can indicate a lack of product quality, especially when accompanied by feedback complaining of broken or inferior components.

To improve product quality, identify customer feedback that describes specific complaints. Perform a thorough investigation of those complaints and make the necessary changes. Switch component manufacturers or upgrade your materials if that’s what it takes to improve your product quality.

 2. Your customer service department’s commitment to resolution


A high Net Promoter Score can indicate a fantastic customer service department. Comments that compliement your customer service representatives will support that indication.

On the flip side, if your NPS is low, and you get feedback about problems not being resolved, you’ll want to revamp your customer service department.

To increase satisfied customers, which will increase your score, train your customer service representatives in the following ways:

  • Ask the customer how they would like the problem resolved. Do they want a full refund? An exchange? Store credit?
  • Allow the customer to keep defective or damaged items. It’s a burden to send a return through the mail.
  • Always give more than the customer expects. For example, issue a return plus a store credit for future use.

Keep your customer service representatives focused on resolving issues to the customer’s satisfaction and that change will be reflected in your Net Promoter Score.

 3. Accuracy of your marketing messages


Sometimes customers become dissatisfied when a product doesn’t live up to its marketing promises. A low NPS score could indicate a discrepancy between your marketing messages and your product’s capabilities.

It’s probably not intentional, but your messages might imply results that aren’t accurate. You can count on getting specific feedback about this issue. People might say they feel deceived or cheated. Don’t take it personally when you receive this type of feedback.

Check with your marketing department to see if your ads and marketing materials accurately represent your product. If you can’t spot any discrepancies, hire a team from outside your company to get an unbiased perspective.

 4. If customers are likely to promote you by word-of-mouth


Last but not least – and perhaps most importantly – your NPS score can tell you how likely your customers are to promote your business. That’s what the Net Promoter System score is all about.

Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising on the planet. Surveys conducted by research groups, including Nielsen, have found more than 90% of consumers trust recommendations provided by friends and family.

If your NPS score is high, there’s a high likelihood that your customers are saying wonderful things about you, promoting your business to their friends and family.

 5. If you’re in a position to start a brand ambassador program


Every company dreams of having strong brand ambassadors to promote their products and services. That’s not hard to achieve, but you need a foundation of extremely satisfied customers. Your brand ambassadors will be customers who are so impressed with your product, they want the world to know what you’ve got.

You can’t start a brand ambassador program if you don’t have happy customers. So, if your NPS score is fairly high, it might be time to launch an official brand ambassador program.

 Start generating your NPS score

Whether your goal is to increase revenue or develop amazing brand ambassadors, generating your NPS score will help. If you’re going to improve customer satisfaction, you have to know where you stand.

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