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6 Ways Co-Browsing Can Improve Your Customer Experience

6 Ways Co-Browsing Can Improve Your Customer Experience

Maintaining a business is not easy, because you constantly have to work to improve it. To adapt to this digital era, you need to have a website and a mobile app. Why is that important? Because the mobile phones are slowly replacing the computers when it comes to personal use. Everyone is attached to their phone, so it very essential to have a mobile app or a website to be closer to your clients. Co-browsing is a very good way to stand out from the competition.

But your customers may not be happy just with a website, especially if it is confusing, or if they can’t manage to find the right product or service that you offer. You will start to lose clients, your sales numbers will start to decline, and that’s not what you want to happen when you invested so much time in starting and developing your business.

We made this article to show you what are the benefits, and how can co-browsing improve your customer service.

1. What is Co-browsing, and how does it work?


Well, co-browsing is a technology that uses online agents or salesman to overlook what you are seeing on your screen to make your shopping or looking for a service more pleasant. They can communicate with you, to help you find the product that you need. If you run on any problem, they can solve it pretty quickly.

They can also scroll through the website and they can take actions like moving your mouse cursor to show something that you can’t find. Most importantly, you have to know that they can’t press buttons as ‘’buy now’’. In short, you have the whole control over the process.

How does co-browsing work? Instead of letting the shoppers find their way on your website alone, you can offer them a co-browsing action. If they accept, they have another pop-up to accept, and that is the website screen sharing. Your salesman can see just the website, not every app that you have on, it is not the same as screen sharing.

There is an option of video call also, so he can help you face to face. When you are done with the shopping, you can close the session anytime. The best thing is that the clients don’t have to download anything to use this kind of service.

Think of co-browsing like going to the store and one of the employees comes to help you, instead of letting you wander into the store trying to find something alone, but online.

We have seen what co-browsing actually is, now is time to see the benefits that it offers, and how can it improve the customer’s experience.

2. Co-browsing is safe


Every customer has to feel safe using your website. Maybe we have passed some of the times where people were really skeptical about buying things online. But their safety is the number one priority. The clients have to know that the co-browsing can cause no harm to them, the agent can’t press buttons to buy it himself and he also can’t see the credit card numbers and other personal information.

Co-browsing is here just to help them navigate through the site and help them solve the problems they might run into, which makes the shopping more enjoyable as suggested by

3. Makes your customers satisfied


Time is the most precious thing these days and no one wants to spend time in vain looking for an item on the website. When they have the option of co-browsing so an agent can help them find their items faster. Not only the product selection but the problems they might run into, like confusing check-outs, confusing menus, and maybe sizes.

Your agent can also offer to the customers any special offers that your company is offering at the time. When the customer gets the help, it improves his experience and it makes his shopping more enjoyable so not only that he will be willing to spend more, but also he will tell his friends and that is how you get more customers.

4. Increases the sales


People can find themselves upset when they can’t find the thing they went on your site for. That’s where the co-browsing comes into play. Your sales agent can help the shopper find the product, can also help with the choice if there is a dilemma between products that are similar with telling the pros and cons of the product.

Just like the example with the in-store employee, the online agent can guide you and help you with everything that u need related to the website offerings. It makes the process faster and it improves the customer’s satisfaction because they feel valued when you have mechanisms like this.

5. Makes the shopping experience faster


It makes the shopping faster because the salesman can navigate the client through the website and can show him different types of products that he finds appropriate. Other than showing he can describe them and he can give more information about them. That’s how the client can know he is buying the product that he wants.

The customers can easily find another website if they can’t find what they need in the first minutes of their search. That’s where the co-browsing salesmen can help, he will initiate a conversation with the client, help with his search, and all of that with a just simple link as seen on He can also solve the problems that the client has run into.

6. It increases profits


With so many satisfied clients, the profits come alone. It’s shown in some studies that businesses that use co-browsing have greater profits at the end of the year. Firstly because of the satisfied customers, secondly because of the easier navigation that the customers have, thirdly because of lower expenses of having a website than having a regular store.


We have seen the benefits of using a co-browsing tool. You should always care about your clients and make sure they are satisfied so they can come back. Keep in mind that a good online experience is really important to your brand reputation. It’s a pity not to use the technology that is on the rise to help us improve our business.

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