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7 Signs your Online Bookmaker is not Fake or Unlicensed

7 Signs your Online Bookmaker is not Fake or Unlicensed

The popularity of sports betting is constantly growing. So many people bet every day and visit local bookmakers to bet on their favorite sports.

If we remember that bookmakers ten years ago were completely different, they evolved over time and in local bookmakers, we now have different types of betting options, such as live betting, bingo numbers, slot machines, etc. Earlier in the bookmaker, you could only bet before the game. Today it is much different and more interesting. Another type of betting is more and more widespread in our area, and that is online betting.

Sports betting online

The popularity of online betting and home betting via mobile phones and computers is extremely popular in the world, although some countries, ie people, are a bit skeptical in disclosing their banking data to foreign sports betting sites. Which, in a way, is justified.

Many sports betting sites are available to us today and each of these platforms offers its own offers, bonuses, and odds. In the sea of ​​these locations, there are usually those scammers who just want to steal people for money. This is also the biggest problem because of which many people avoid betting via the Internet.

How to choose the best bookmakers?


Probably one of the reasons why people avoid betting online is foreign sites that are unknown to local bookmakers. Our bookmakers think that they will be deceived and will not be able to pay out their winnings, so they avoid betting online on foreign sites.

Of course, there are many fraudulent sites and sports bookmakers, but there are more secure and licensed ones, with full customer support available in most cases 24/7. When choosing an online bookmaker, you must be careful, and before placing a deposit, review their portal, read reviews, and player comments.

Standards met by the best bookmakers

If you are still unsure how to identify legal and safe online sports bookmakers that offer the best deals and odds, take a look below at a few things you need to pay attention to before registering, and they are:

1. License and work permit


When choosing, you should always look at whether a sportsbook is licensed and by which regulatory body. You can see this by scrolling to the bottom of the sports betting page. If the bookmaker does not have any of these licenses, we do not recommend that you register.

2. Bonus

When choosing a bookmaker, it would be good to compare the bonuses that you can pick up when depositing. Some bookmakers offer smaller bonuses while some bigger ones, it’s up to you to choose which bonus you want. See more about bonuses on Pay attention because all bonuses come with obligations, which means that you will not be able to pay the bonus money until you fulfill the obligations. You can always choose to play without a bonus, then you have control over your money and you can payout whenever you want.

3. SSL Encryption


SSL encryption is used to secure online credit card transactions, data transfers, and logins. You can see the SSL encryption directly from the address bar in your browser in the small padlock symbol. If you click on the padlock, the license number and certificate information will open. Avoid bookmakers that do not have this protection.

4. Banking methods

Before registering, see which banking options the bookmaker offers and whether they suit you. Also, see if there are any additional costs, and see how long the payout process is. If you want your winnings fast, don’t forget to verify your profile.

5. Range of coefficients


Local sports bookmakers offer low odds or odds. If you decide to bet online, you will have the opportunity to choose the bookmaker with the highest odds that have increased their odds due to strong competition to attract players.

6. Betting options

The best bookmakers offer live betting as well as pre-event betting. When choosing, always pay attention to whether the site offers these two options. Also, some bookmakers in addition to sports betting offer options such as casino, poker, and other games of chance.

7. Customer support


If the bookmaker you choose does not offer any customer support, do not register there! Bookmakers that offer contact in case of problems in the form of the phone number, email, or live chat are a sign that the bookmaker is there for its customers and that it is reliable.

What are the most popular sports to bet on?

Sports betting has been attracting a lot of sports fans for many years who are trying to guess the outcome of matches and thus earn something. Although it seems very simple at first glance, in the end, it is not so. Currently, the best betting sports for beginners are football and tennis. The advantage of betting on football is in the diverse offer. Namely, many bookmakers today offer you the opportunity to bet on all the most famous football leagues in the world, but even the lower leagues. And in addition to the usual betting on the winner of the match, you will be able to choose a number of other elaborations for football matches. But the problem with football is that each match can end in three ways, by winning the host, guest, or draw. In addition to football, tennis is a very interesting betting sport. During the year, many tournaments are played, whether it is men’s tennis, women’s tennis, or tennis tournaments in which couples compete. This gives you many opportunities to find interesting betting pairs. And tennis also has one great advantage over football. Namely, in tennis, only two outcomes are possible, the victory of one or another tennis player. As a result, you have a 50% chance of hitting the outcome of a tennis match and you are immediately in an advantage over football betting.

Final thoughts

Sports betting can be a very interesting combination of pleasant and useful if you find a good bookmaker. You should also test the main interface of the page and decide if it is right for you. Once you find out that you have chosen the right sports betting site, you can start placing bets and winning while watching your favorite sports.

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