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5 Reasons to Implement More Organic Food Into Our Diets – 2024 Guide

5 Reasons to Implement More Organic Food Into Our Diets – 2024 Guide

The food we eat has a crucial impact on our health. And that has become a huge problem in recent decades, because the pollution is so great, that it has become very difficult to find truly healthy food. The situation is further exacerbated by global population growth, so food needs are increasing and therefore more and more chemicals are being used, to increase production at the expense of our health.

People realized that things had to change and that is why organic products became more and more popular so you can find that label everywhere. Something that was normal a century ago is considered a luxury today. But organic products must not be a luxury, but something we will all slowly move on to stay healthy. Read what are the reasons to implement more organic food into our diets until we move completely to organic over time.

  1. Less chemicals

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No type of chemical should have a place in our diet. Unfortunately, everything we put in our mouths is full of different pesticides and other types of chemicals that serve to maximize yields. But all this leads to a huge number of diseases. We don’t even have to tell you that obesity, cancer, and even a child’s developmental disorder and many other diseases are the result of so much exposure to chemicals.

You will be shocked by the fact that over 500 chemicals were found when crops were tested across the USA. We are talking about crops in the USA, country where there are many laws and regulations. Just imagine the situation in third world countries where there is no control over the use of chemicals. Since we do not know the long term effective of majority of these chemicals, it is time to eliminate them from the diet as soon as possible. And we will do that by eating organic products. Such products are not treated with any chemicals or only with specially approved pesticides that are made on a plant basis and are completely safe. Check and find some of the organic products available on their website.

  1. No GMO

A genetically modified organism known by the acronym GMO is any organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered by genetic engineers. Although there are no long-term studies that have proven the harmfulness of GMOs, it is still something that should be avoided precisely because there are no long-term studies yet.

It may be proven once that there is no danger to human health, but until then, everything that is GMO should be avoided. Maybe it will be proven that GMO has very dangerous long term consequences on our health. And GMO foods are more and more all around us, and for many products we are not even aware that they contain GMOs because by law GMOs do not have to be labeled. In organic production, any GMO is prohibited. So this is currently the only way to avoid GMOs, unless you grow all the food yourself, which is almost impossible.

Of course, it is very important that you ask every organic producer for confirmation of this. Many are trying to take advantage of the growing popularity and deceive people. If you don’t know exactly what a certificate should look like, visit and see it for yourself.

  1. Nutritional value

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Many of us pay attention to our diet and constantly take care of our intake of macronutrients and micronutrients. What no one is telling you is that many things that we ingest do not have the nutritional value they should have. The reason is the excessive use of chemicals, as well as the fact that crop cycling is not done and this leads to high soil depletion.

From such soil we get food that is nutritionally almost empty. In order for something to be organic, it must be planted in soil that is cycled and where no chemicals have been used for at least 5 years, in order for the soil to be completely cleared. Therefore, in the conducted research, the results were obtained that organic food has up to twice the nutritional value compared to non-organic. Instead of taking various minerals and vitamins in pill form, it is just enough to switch to this type of food.

  1. Environment

The consequences of using so many pesticides, as well as antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals to accelerate the growth of animals are devastating for the planet Earth. We would need a whole text to just write what will happen in the future if we do not all switch to organic products as soon as possible. Some of the biggest problems we will face are climate change, polluted water and soil, the extinction of plant and animal species and much more.

Climate change is mostly caused by large animal farms, which significantly raise carbon dioxide levels, which leads to global warming. Also, farm animals are constantly given antibiotics and hormones in order to reach full maturity as quickly as possible. All this leads to water and soil pollution, and also gradually poisons people. Many hormonal problems occur, and it is only a matter of time before some antibiotic-resistant bacteria appear because people are exposed to antibiotics daily. We have to save our planet, otherwise human race will be on verge of extinction. And we have only few decades to do so.

  1. Better taste

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Most people complain that all the food was much tastier a few decades ago than it is today. We can confirm to you that this is not a subjective impression but a reality. Since the soil is so depleted, the fruits and vegetables that grow from such soil are generally very tasteless. We can best notice this if we try something bought at a farmer’s market and then eat something bought in a big city at the supermarket.

The difference will be huge. The same is true with meat. The meat of animals that spend their whole lives in a cage and their growth is accelerated with the help of hormones cannot be tasty. It will be very watery and pale, unlike organic. Comparing flavors will make it easiest for you to determine what is organic and what is not, because the difference is huge. Along with all the health benefits, you will also be able enjoy delicious food again.


The good news is that organic food is getting cheaper. Until a few years ago, it was expensive and not available to everyone, but that is changing now. So you no longer have an excuse to poison yourself with unhealthy food.

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