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6 Reasons Why Packaging Is Crucial for Growing Businesses

6 Reasons Why Packaging Is Crucial for Growing Businesses

You must have heard many times that packaging sells a product. Of course, this is not entirely true because quality is far more important, but the fact of packaging contributes a lot to a successful business. Packaging design plays a very important role in the perception of the company and the brand in the eyes of customers. A manufacturer who invests money in attractive packaging design can hope to attract the attention of customers. This will ultimately lead to an increase in sales of the product itself.

People have not always packed their products in packaging. They did not use any packaging but wanted to sell the goods fresh immediately. With the development of knowledge and markets, a man began to understand that goods must first be protected from external influences, and then he saw other advantages that packaging provides. The traders wanted their goods to be better packaged, attractive to customers, and more durable.

If you’re still not sure if investing in packaging is a smart business move, read the rest of the text to convince you.

1. Link with consumer

Packaging as an important part of product marketing is a link between the customer and the market, but also as a brand holder, has a big role in buying and choosing an individual product. From the moment of production to the consumption of the product packaging with its practicality, functionality and design takes care of the product and preserves its originality and quality. The influence of packaging on the choice of products when buying has been proven to be important. It is a reflection of all its functions and features with their diversity and originality they attract customers. The product should be “inline” with the packaging because the message is that conveys unambiguous, packaging conveys the experience and nature of the product, activates our senses when shopping conjuring up a picture of the product even before consumption.


2. A means of economic propaganda

Packaging is a means of economic propaganda, a way to improve sales, replacing personal sales in self-service stores, but also in other forms of sales, a means of influencing the aesthetic appearance of the store, then as a means of encouraging purchase and as an element of creating a shopping atmosphere. The distribution of products, in most cases, is inconceivable without packaging, or rather its protection, transport, handling and storage functions. It also helps manufacturers to differ in design from similar products from competing manufacturers.


3. Prevents damage to goods

Goods that are exported and spend a lot of time in transport can be easily damaged if they are not properly packed. Transport or tertiary packaging is used for transport, transshipment, and handling of a certain amount of product packed in sales and/or bulk packaging. How is this key to business growth? Simple – by preventing damage, you prevent the additional costs of resending the second round of goods. The competition is increasing and consumers are more and more demanding, so the product should reach the consumer in the shortest possible time. The speed of transport is increasing, so the protective packaging should be better and adapted to the conditions. You can visit this website to learn everything you need to know about proper packaging.


4. Design

We often use the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but this is not entirely true. Today, in order to sell a book, it is not only the content that is important but also the appearance. It is similar to all other products and that is why graphic design is there, in order to contribute to the product to stand out and interest customers. Packaging should be thought of in the same way as branding.

It is there to present the product in the best light.

The development of packaging design has long since crossed the point where physical protection is its only task. The protective function is still one of the main tasks of packaging, but it is only one of a number of conditions that packaging must meet in order to be called a well-designed product. Modern packaging design aims to anticipate and solve problems and meet the needs of an entire life cycle. Elements of packaging design can be divided into two groups, namely visual elements and informative elements. Visual elements influence the consumer’s decision to purchase a product, while informative elements help the customer to create their own image of the product.

The aesthetic appearance of the packaging is usually not the only motive for the purchase, but it is present in almost every purchase. Every packaging must be beautiful, designed according to aesthetic principles, regardless of the product that is packed in it. All of the above should attract the consumer to buy the product in question.


5. Sales function

Interesting packaging attracts the customer’s attention and interest in the product, and thus gains consumer confidence. It is important to listen to the needs of customers and package the products in those quantities that meet their needs, and that their price is acceptable for a wide range of solvency.


6. Sales function of packaging

The main function of this packaging is to directly influence the customer to decide to buy the same packaging that is on sale. The purpose of the sales function is to facilitate the sale itself and to expand its coverage, in order for the packaging to perform the given function, there are certain conditions according to which the sales function of the packaging is performed. The most important condition is attracting customers, which is also the main task of the sales function.


Final thoughts

Packaging as a link between the customer and the market in this study proved to be an important factor that consumers pay attention to when buying, although when buying the same products they pay attention to other factors such as price and quality, which are sometimes decisive for product selection.

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