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10-Step Guide to Start a Pest Control Business

10-Step Guide to Start a Pest Control Business

Starting a pest control business is more than a way to earn money and build a profitable venture. It is mainly a great way and an awesome opportunity to help people transform and reclaim their homes from the invasion of these tiny pests and infestations in their homes and offices.

Truth be said, a pest controller can’t be out of business or in need of clients as long as they know what they ought to do and get it down as and when due.

The more pests invade a space, there’s a greater need for a pest controller to clean out the mess and make it safe for people to live again. The one sure way most people start their own business is by choosing Inside Advisor Pro( a marketing company to help your business grow. However, there’s more to it than average brandings like logos, names of websites, or color schemes. You need to be versed in the pest control business.

This year, if you’re still searching for a way to expand your earnings or generally want to pursue your desire to be a pest controller, you might be asking how do I start a pest control business?

In this post, we’ve taken the time to put together a ten-step guide to starting a pest control business. If that’s what you’re here for, you’ll love all the tips we’re about to share.

10-Step Guide to Start a Pest Control Business

How do you start a pest control business, start hiring people and make money for your career? Starting pest control is a hard task and anyone can easily do so.

However,  if you want to start a profitable pest control business, there are a few things that are important for you to know and master. Here are a  few of them.

Define your reason for starting

From making money to building a side business, several people have different potent reasons for choosing to start a pest control business. Yours could be a drive to help people clean up the pest infestation and have a healthier environment. Whatever your reasons are, it is paramount that you note them and hang onto them carefully.

Having a reason before starting a pest control business keeps your vision in check and ensures that you strive toward the achievements of all that you wrote down. Take, for example, your motivation for starting a pest control business is money, it’ll be strange for you to stop working towards that goal expectantly when you haven’t made enough money as you desire to.

As the business owner, you’re in control of how much income flows into the business. If you work hard, your business will flourish beyond measure but if you slack, then the business will likely crumble before it starts. Now, it’s left for you to make as much money as you desire.

Secondly, you’re in charge of every branding, executive, and managerial aspect of the business. You get to decide how many hours of work you want to put in, the number of clients you want to take, and the rest.

This business affords you more freedom than being an employee.  If you wish to become your own boss, this means that you’ll have to key into your reasons for starting and working towards achieving your set goals and motivation.

Enroll for training and gain expertise


Here’s one mistake most people make while trying to start a pest control business, they simply pump in so many resources into the business without making any effort to learn the threads of the business.

Starting a pest control business without technical knowledge or even as simple as the basics of the business, you’ll only end up crashing the business. If in the long run, you’re only dependent on the hired hands, clients might become disappointed.

Ask yourself” are you ready to learn, unlearn and expand your knowledge? The world of pest control is continuously advancing like every other occupation. You’ll have to learn new tips and strategies to get rid of pests.

What kind of chemicals do you need for certain kinds of pests, what do you do to prevent the continuous infestation of such pests, how do you charge your clients, how to run the marketing aspect of the business, what is the financial projection of the business in a few years? All these are highly important and necessary for a pest control business to be successful.

Invest and carve your niche brand.


Most people start a pest control business without carving a niche brand for themselves. Carving and establishing a brand does one thing: it expresses and establishes the originality or uniqueness of your business.

With branding in place, you are able to decide how you want people to perceive your business and how they should receive it, and treat the business too. This also means that you cannot accept every job and any kind of available job.

One of the advantages of a brand is to establish your unique identity and tell people at a glimpse how they ought to perceive, accept and treat you.

Branding for a pest control business is more intrinsic but at the core, of it lies the following:

  • Name of the business
  • Logo for the business
  • Color identity
  • Slogans and taglines you want to be associated with. You can choose a simple slogan like the pest whisperer or any catchy slogan people will easily associate you with.

Develop your business value proposition


What are the benefits that customers will get from associating with your business? What sets you apart from every pest control business out there?

The truth is that there is such huge competition going on in the pest control business, the best you can do is to establish and position your value proposition from day one. This way, you get to convince the clients to trust you with their time, money, and resources.

Ask yourself, questions like

  • What species or kinds of pests do you focus on? It could be the ones you studied or prefer to invest your energy in.
  • What are the advantages your services offer to people?
  • What makes you different from your competitors? Is there something your business offers that they do not? Some businesses offer comfort while others offer affordability. It’s left to the discretion of the business owners to decide what their business offers.

The summary of whatever you derive from your value proposition is what runs your business and sets you in a higher value than the rest of other business owners around you.

Establish your pest control business


This aspect of the business is the most important. This stage defines a lot of important aspects of the business and steps you need to put in place for the business to run smoothly. At this point, you need to decide on a lot of core aspects of the business.

Setting up a pest control business demands that you need to fulfill the standard business needs. One mistake most business owners make is to join personal earnings and business earnings.

To start a successful business, you need to separate the business financially and legally from your personal pocket. The business should be able to fund itself and pay its debts. You can do this by establishing a limited liability firm.

Running this process differs for each country and state. So, depending on where you reside, you’ll need to register your business with the government body in charge of the business name and accreditation.

Also, to separate the earnings from the personal account of the business owner, you need to own a legal bank account for the business. You have a business address where customers can contact you directly. You’ll also need to have a safe vehicle where you can store your equipment and tools.

Pricing for business


Setting pricing for your business services is one of the steps you need to take while setting up your pest control business. First, you need to check what your competitors offer and what the established businesses in your locality offer too.

This helps you have a window choice of what you need to offer. Your price shouldn’t be too low or too high. It shouldn’t be too low while you attract clients so that your brand isn’t associated with the term “cheap”. On the other hand, if you’re too expensive, you’ll scare the costumes away.

Hence, you need to discover how other people charge for their services and equate yours to be responsive to the same or within the same range.


A pest control business is highly profitable and rewarding if you put in all the measures to ensure that you attract the right client, and have the perfect brand to establish profitability. Finally, always make sure to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and changes in the business so that you keep your clients happy and attract their referrals.

Note that starting at first requires much investment but is entirely rewarding in the long run.

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