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Understanding The Positive Side Of Distance In LDR

Understanding The Positive Side Of Distance In LDR

It’s a universal truth that long-distance relationships are no cakewalk. You need to put together both ends, deal with insecurities, and manage finances and emotions diligently to make the relationship work.

Like a coin with two faces, LDRs have their pros and cons. Maybe you have never realized all this while, but distance can be the reason that you are still together. Let us dive into details to understand the positive influence of miles on an LDR.

1. Growing individually, learning simultaneously

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Psychologists have always emphasized the importance of self-love and self-reflection. It can be tough living with the continued absence of your significant other, but then, it gives you your exclusive space. This is the space where you can reflect on your priorities, goals, and decisions.

In todays’ hectic work-life schedule, it is important to find time for yourself. LDRs are supposed to be lonely but understanding the hairline difference between loneliness and freedom sorts all things down to personal growth.

Growth can be subjective to the environment and requires individuals’ pace to see results. Finding a moment to process the whole scenario all by yourself is one golden task. The same applies to your partner. A bit of advice over each other’s matters on a call will add the small missing part to complete your zone of togetherness.

2. Live by your rights

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Independence is one of the most underrated assets that a long-distance relationship provides you with. Having the opportunity to get your house arranged your way, your car serviced by yourself, your bills paid without splitting gives you the wholesome financial independence you have always wanted.

It may sound unsettling, but these are the things which if you learn at an early age, help a lot in completing long-term goals. So, enjoy the space you have and motivate each other that this is the process of building a reliable bond for the coming future.

3. Stronger everyday

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With little things come big realizations. Statistics say that LDR couples are better at making confessions and building up trust. This is because they take more effort to make time for an extended phone conversation or a virtual romantic date night.

It is these minor inconveniences turned into precious efforts that make you both stronger with each passing day. You no longer crave grand gestures to express your love, but just a random love letter from miles makes your day. And that’s the magic that distance does in your love life.

4. Honest reality checks

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The hard truth needs to be accepted. The earlier it’s done, the better it gets. There might be situations where egos shatter down the expectations. But, then these are also the situations where you get to know the real side of the next person.

You get to know about each other’s beliefs, insecurities, and fears. The behaviors will gradually reflect emotional, physical needs. Such honest reality checks are mandatory to make you understand that your relationship is actually worth the effort and time or not.

5. Patience and appreciations

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In today’s fast-moving world, every piece of information is available at our fingertips, and communication is a matter of seconds. It takes a lot of patience and compassion to hold onto each other.

There will be situations when your time zones won’t match, your work-life won’t align, and you won’t be able to have a hearty conversation at the time of your choice. These rough times teach you the importance of patience and appreciation for each other’s efforts.

Distance becomes a teacher when you do not let it own the position of master in your long-distance relationship. So, appreciate the love and deal patiently with small problems to have a lifelong relationship.

6. Communication becomes the key

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It’s a basic ground rule in LDR that you have to communicate no matter what. Now, that necessarily does not mean that you stick to the phone screen all the time.

For example, if you are going to be busy for the next 14 hours with some work commitment, tell your partner. Or if you are going for a hike with your friends, communicate this to them.

Send them a lovely message expressing your care and conveying the issue about the future gaps of conversation for some time. You can also use Webcamsites to rekindle the lost spark in your relationship.

Now, that’s where you realize if it wasn’t for the distance, you would have never understood the benefits of swift communication. Besides a skill, it also becomes your way of expressing love and care to your better half.

7. Goals remain priority

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Getting your priorities straight and making a consistent effort to achieve them is the basic mantra of everyone’s life. Long-distance couples are mostly encountered to have a better goal achieving capacity.

Always remember that career is your ultimate savior in life. It is difficult to maintain compatibility when you have different goals and live under the same roof. The need for a separate work-life and boundaries from your personal entity can be daunting sometimes.

Appreciate the miles and make that effort to climb the zenith of your dreams. LDRs provide you with a whole set of comfort and self-improvement zones to scale your skills and be career-oriented to the maximum. Inspire and acknowledge their profession to have mutual respect.

8. Emotional intimacy

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It is going to irritate to see your lover on the other side of the screen all the damn time. You will miss the warmth of hugs and cuddles and the joy of being together. But, while all this time when you were cursing the distance, you will realize that you value emotional intimacy rather than the physical touch.

Having the trust to have conversations beyond your comfort zones without having being judged or getting emotional validation is one of the rarest things in the present time. You will appreciate that knowing each other’s deepest secrets and being vulnerable enough to tell everything about anything is the biggest game you could have ever won.

But when your love is genuine, and you want to stick to that special person, you value this emotional intimacy over all things at your disposal.

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