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How to Understand Progressive Slot While Gambling

How to Understand Progressive Slot While Gambling

All gamblers of the physical or online casinos have one primary mindset: to win big on the casinos. Progressively slot games are one way to beat the Gambling Sites in 2024 and hit massive jackpots. Many gamblers are sure they are fortunate enough to get the right combination and win big with the progressive slots.

However, this article will enlighten players on everything there is to know about progressive slots. Moreover, it will also explain how to hit the jackpot with them quickly.

About Progressive Slots


Progressive slots are increasing Jackpot payout. A portion of their wager goes into the jackpot prize amount whenever a slot gambler spins the reels. The more the players spin the reels, the more a progressive jackpot increases.

However, this progressive slot takes only a portion of one particular slot machine bet; it accumulates its jackpots from several other slot machines. Therefore, one specific slot game will have a jackpot bet of every different casino slot—the case of local progressive slots.

In addition, the respins happen before anyone hits the jackpot. Consequently, the most progressive jackpot is between $10,000 and millions of dollars. The wide-area network progressive slots are another exciting part of the progressive slot. The casino slots that offer this connect all other slots through a server to create a slot network. Therefore, the progressive jackpots are very massive as everyone is playing the network slots.

Both the local and wide-area progressive slots share the same jackpot winnings. Moreover, whenever a gambler wins the current progressive jackpot, the system resets, and the prize returns to its minimum amount.

For most casinos, the minimum jackpot amount is always $10,000. However, some casinos might increase their minimum amount up to a million dollars to entice players.

Wagering Requirements

If you want to win the progressive jackpot prize, you need to meet the wagering requirement. The requirements are the maximum bet amount, minimum bet amount, terms and conditions, or credit measure for any spin.

If you default to this bet requirement, you won’t be able to claim your progressive jackpot. Furthermore, if available, you can still claim some whooping slot bonuses like free-spins and deposits bonuses.

However, knowing you cannot win the jackpot prizes does not make playing progressive slots as entertaining as it should be as they have better benefits over the regular slots.

Progressive Jackpot Techniques


Progressive slots have various ways of winning on them. However, three ways are general to these jackpots slots; let’s now consider these ways:

Jackpot Wheel

One interesting technique to win on a progressive jackpot slot is taking the jackpot wheel into account. A jackpot wheel has many slots and a controlling fixed pointer. After spinning the wheel and the wheel stops, the arrow, therefore, determines your progressive slots prize as you will receive whatever the pointer offers.

Winning a large amount of money with the progressive jackpot is not that easy; some games are more accessible than others in gambling casinos. However, all the games that have the jackpot wheel have whooping payouts.

Additionally, in Games like Mega Moolah, you will get a portion of four other progressive jackpot prizes when you win. These prizes also increase as more people play slots in the casino. The Mega Fortune, a game from NetEnt software provider, is a progressive slot game with multiple wheels. To play, You will begin at the outer wheel, which has some fantastic cash prizes and arrow squares.

When you spin and your wheel lands on the square arrowhead, you will progress to the inner wheel. However, you will qualify for a Mega Jackpot prize when you land on three arrow squares.

Consequently, players need to match some bonus symbols while playing the base game to win the jackpot wheel. For instance, in the Mega Fortune slot, you can check the bonus symbol as they stand for the jackpot wheel.

Alternatively, the mega moolah bonuses are won at random while pls the base game. Therefore go ahead and choose any suiting game between these two.

Collect Symbols


Another way to win a progressive jackpot easily is to gather a set number with correlating symbols. This technique is mainly done via a mini-game with several objects as options. Moreover, these objects conceal the characters for their progressive prizes. Therefore you need to Gather three of these symbols to end the game and win jackpot prizes.

Hall of Gods is a typical example of a progressive slot with this property. When you trigger the feature, the symbols then change to 15 shields. Hitting these shields wins you one of the three jackpot prizes.

Examples of these are the Mini and Midi jackpots. They have a fixed amount, and favorable jackpot hit. Moreover, the hall of Gods has an exciting and exciting interface that helps players keep a positive view of winning.

The Aristocrat provides progressive slots like tiki fire; when you trigger the bonus round, you will get three free spins if there are more than six fireball symbols on the screen. Moreover,  these symbols are what determine the cash prizes and progressive jackpots.

When your Fireball lands on vacant space, you will get three free re-spins. Consequently, to win the progressive jackpot, You will need to fill every game’s reel with the Fireball symbol.

Symbols Match

This technique involves matching specific symbols on the slot reels like the previous techniques. However, winning the progressive slot is way more complicated than just matching any symbols on the reel of your screen. One slot game with this feature is the Super Bell Ringer.

The game consists of five different progressive jackpots available for casino players. Before you can win the super bell ringer slot, you need to have the game in the 3×3 reels. However, to win the highest progressive jackpot, you will have to fill all the nine reel spots with the gold ringer symbol. Gamblers can win up to 1000x if they stake on the super bell ringer progressive jackpot.

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