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Frequently Asked Questions about Data Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Recovery

Whether your job requires you to have a computer, or you use it for fun, you couldn’t imagine life without one, right? Thanks to the rapid development of technology and all the appearance of the Internet, today you could enjoy the various benefits they bring. However, you are not all hackers and you cannot understand well how every part of computer works, and yet it is unthinkable to be without it. You learn about many computer functions, or shortcomings, only when something you need the most breaks down or has been deleted forever.

You must have been worried once about your favorite photos on your hard drive or other important data, because for some reason, inexplicable to you, you can’t turn on your computer. So what to do in these situations? How to avoid data loss due to software failure? Many questions are asked regarding data recovery, and below we will draw your attention to the most common ones and try to reach a solution.

So, in the beginning let’s see what is data recovery all about?

The term ‘data recovery’ explains the process of saving and recovering deleted or inaccessible data. Data loss can be due to an electrical failure, software problems, or a deliberate human act. Regardless of the reason for the data loss, the goal of this process is to recover it and restore it. This process is considered to be over 75% successful.

How long does it take to recover my data?


We cannot give one answer to this question that will suit everyone. It depends on various factors. To make a time frame, we need to understand that it first takes some time to discover the problem, and only after that experts will need some time to fix it. Also, depending on whether it is an easier or harder problem to solve, it will affect the length of the recovery of your data. Approximately, it takes up to three days to assess the problem, and its repair can take up to two weeks. So arm yourself with patience.

Is data recovery expensive?

Every unplanned breakdown or repair requires a certain amount of money. These things often happen in life and you always need to have a certain budget for them. However, the exact price of data recovery cannot be said in advance. Why? Prices vary from case to case. The basic question would be what type of hard drive you have, what type of SD card and USB flash drives you have, etc.

However, even when we come to the answer to these questions, the problem cannot be solved so easily. It would be ideal if you can successfully solve the problem with just one click, but the real picture is completely different. Repairs vary significantly from the computer model and its software, to where the problem occurred. A team of professional engineers works to understand and eliminate the problem.

The price of the final date recovery also depends on their assessment of the problem. Expert laboratories, such as Data Recovery Lab, offer you the opportunity to search for the problem and, of course, to solve it. Also, a team of these experts can give you answers to many questions regarding data recovery.

Can all data be recovered?


Of course! That’s the goal of the data recovery process, isn’t it? You do not have to worry about certain documents, nor fear that you have lost some forever. Of course there is always that 1% chance that some documents can be lost. As already mentioned, depending on the problem that arises, this process can be easier or more difficult and thus require less or more time to recover. But it’s in the hands of professionals, and it’s just up to you to wait for the call to pick up your device.

The advice we would give to all of you is to emphasize to the experts in advance which documents are most important to you and which need special attention. If you have confidential business documents, or photos of your child’s first day of school, you would not like something to go wrong with these files and that is why they need special emphasis.

Will the data name change?

Probably will. As for the name of the data, time and date of creation of the document, in the vast majority of cases it will be deleted. This is something that experts do not pay much attention to. The goal is to save the data, and when the data is returned to you, we hope you will be able to take some of your time to give it a new name. Since the old name will no longer exist, the documents will be grouped by file type, in order to easily find the one you want.

Will recovered data be returned on the same device?


The most common answer to this question would be negative. In the majority of cases, people have serious hard disk failures so restoring data would be risky. This process is done solely on the recovery of your data, not on repairing part of the device. So if, let’s say, when the data came back on a hard disk that has a bug in the software, we think you would very soon be in a situation to ask for the same help for a second time.

What to do in case of suspicion of problems with storage devices?

If you hear unusual sounds from your drive, do not try to search for the trouble source to not cause a major problem, just turn off the device and prevent the problem from spreading. If during turning on, your device visibly records some physical damage or has a problem with starting the System, our advice is to keep it turned off. If you notice a different work of your device, something that should be done immediately is to make a backup copy of the documents that are most valuable to you.

If, after everything has been taken over, your data is still deleted, contact the experts as soon as possible and rely on their knowledge and skills. The most important thing is to stay calm and not panic when problems arise. Technology has advanced so much that rarely a problem cannot be fixed. If you keep the very important data on your device, then we hope that you take good care of it and react to any changes.

Prepared to prevent the problem from occurring, but if it does happen, it is not the end of the world. Get informed, search internet services and professional companies that deal with this process, that way you will have more self-belief about what you’re doing.

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