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Talk About Your Relationship With Your Biological Father With a Little Pain

Sometimes it is necessary to establish a biological relationship between father and child. In some cases, this information becomes necessary to assist in certain medical emergencies, while in others it is important to resolve legal and custody disputes. Some situations are less complicated and require a paternity test to document the child’s birth certificate.

Traditionally, a DNA paternity test was only a laboratory test, and some laboratories offered such testing. However, thanks to modern innovations, we can get reliable results about the genetic compatibility of father and child using a simple home test kit.

The turnaround time for paternity test results is typically 2 to approximately 5 days. You can easily order an at-home DNA test and Paternity USA will deliver a sample collection kit to your door, which you can return via mail delivered after your samples are collected..

Benefits of Home DNA Testing

Benefits of Home DNA Testing


  • It’s a cheap and easy way to get some peace of mind.
  • You don’t need to go to the laboratory and get a test kit from the comfort of your home.
  • A blood test is not always necessary; a cheek swab is sufficient. Taking a cheek swab is, of course, painless and ideal for people who are afraid of needles.
  • You can receive your results in person on paper or by email, whichever you prefer.
  • If you and your biological father live far apart, you may be able to get different test kits for different cities and addresses.

However, you need to be careful because in order for the test results to be reliable, you need to ensure that you buy home DNA test kits only from licensed and accredited laboratories.

Can the Results of These Genetic Tests Be Used Legally?

Can the Results of These Genetic Tests Be Used Legally


In general, a legal check can be used as evidence in court in the fall or in any other situation when you have to save a relationship, for example, fighting for an inheritance when you get married.

However, home paternity testing is not sufficient to serve as legal evidence in such cases unless a doctor or laboratory specialist is appointed to collect samples from your home.

So, while a paternity test kit gives you privacy and peace of mind, and can be used for medical records in the event of a medical emergency, the test results do not provide the necessary legal support.

This test kit, purchased from a pharmacy, is not safe and can be used just for fun or to clean up your home. For legal claims, you can choose to book the test from an accredited laboratory that can assign the nearest professional sample collection point to your location even if the subjects live far from each other.

Once the test is completed, the minimum possible time is 48 hours, your results will be sent within the next 24 hours and you will receive accurate results within 6-7 days at your delivery address.

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