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Why are 1/6 Scale Figures & Toys So Popular Among Collectors?

Why are 1/6 Scale Figures & Toys So Popular Among Collectors?

The action figure & toy collecting community is rapidly growing, and we can thank different movies, cartoons, as well as Marvel for all the love & popularity. Nowadays, there are over millions of different toys and characters that you can purchase online and in-store. Keep on reading and understand what are the 1/6 scale figures + why they are so popular.

What size can your collectible figures and toys be?

Scale is traditionally written or shown as a ratio for your collectibles & action figurines on the box of your item. Here are the different sizes & options that one can go for, starting with the largest ratio:

1:4 scale – is the largest common scale for action figures and is technically reserved for dolls.
1:6 scale – was the original size of the very first figure, G.I. Joe, which is why it is the most popular one.
1:9 scale – are the eight-inch action figures that were popular in the ’70s and early ’80s.
1:10 scale – is a popular Marvel go-to size.
1:18 scale – popular go-to for Star Wars figurines.
1:12 scale – around 5-6”, these became popular with Super Mario Brothers.
1:48 scale – the typical Lego size, the two-inch-tall figure that is more-so popular among kids.

Why are 1/6 scale figures & toys so popular among collectors?

1. They are beautiful


One of the key reasons why people love them & keep on buying them is because they are beautiful & eye-catching. They come in bright colors, each toy has a story to tell + every detail is visible & done in proper & elegant graphic. You won’t have to squint your eyes to observe them.

2. Perfect for display

If you are a collector just know that these toys or figurines will gain the most amount of attention & looks. You can place them anywhere you wish in your apartment and they will blend right in. They are not too big nor too small, just perfect for grasping someone’s attention.

3. Different kinds to choose from


Different companies & different manufacturers across the globe cover different stories, games, cartoons, and movies. This means that you can easily find your favorite character in a 1:6 form. If you are a fan of variety and you can’t seem to stick with just one story or one collectible, this is the right category for you!

4. Easy to find online

You can easily find your preferred and ideal figurine or toy online. Nowadays, there are loads of bigger & smaller sellers that are trying to disturb their products across the globe, as well as people who are trying to cash in their collectibles.

5. Good investment


As time goes on your toys, action figures or even accessories will gain in value. Your purchased figurines could be worth triple the amount in 40 years from now. If you can keep your toys in a box and you are trying to be smart about your purchases, consider investing in some rare & limited editions.

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