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3 Tips For Mastering Your Stardew Valley Gaming Skills

3 Tips For Mastering Your Stardew Valley Gaming Skills

If you are a perfectionist, starting in a game requires a certain level of skill you need to be prepared for. Stardew Valley is a game which has an agricultural setting. If you think a game based in the farm is supposed to be laid back and fun, only one of those things is correct. There is no shortage of tasks to complete and things to do when you are presented with an inherited farm.

If you are not better prepared you might even feel overweight with everything you need to do. Your gaming skills will require a bit of fine tuning so that you can master this game within no time. Some players like to go in blind without knowing much about the game and learning by playing it step by step. On the other hand, gamers who require some prior knowledge do in a freezer to get a grasp on how it works.

So, in this article we will talk about certain tips that will help you master your skills to perform well at Stardew Valley. Read on more below.

1. The Right Farm Type is Important


Let us begin with the most obvious way to improve your chances of performing well within the game. Ask anyone who has been playing Stardew Valley for a while and they will tell you to choose the type of farm you will be playing at wisely. The right form type includes multiple reinforcements that are included in the farm layout.

Of course, there is a default setting that you can use and continue playing without any extra effort. However, if you are invested in customization and changing certain details to your comfort you can go with fishing or mining rather than the typical farming option. As a beginner you might want to go with the default setting and there is nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, if you want to begin with fishing try to read up on what to expect so that you are prepared for all the challenges. Reinforcements and boosts for stardew valley fishing are also available to help you out to a great degree. The river land farm is specifically made for including activities like fishing to the daily routine of the gamer.

There is also an option of choosing the forest farm which connects more to the foraging activities. There is a wilderness form which will have the main challenge being monsters who will Rob you of your bounty. Another option is the hilltop firm which comes with a mining area so that the gamer has to engage in daily field work in the mines.

2. Sleep On Time


This game is nothing if not true to form while mimicking real life. Sleeping on time is a quality we all know about but very few of us religiously follow. Going to bed on time is recommended for your character in Stardew Valley. Let us explain to you how going to bed early and accumulating enough energy for the next day works.

For instance, you go to bed at 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. when there is still some energy left. When you wake at your scheduled time the next day the energy in your energy bar would be less than you might anticipate. It would be far less as compared to when you would have slept earlier. If you are awake till your energy dies down, the following day you will have to part with some of your gold.

It will be taken by the character who brought you home safe and sound the previous night. The best approach in such a case is to use your energy to the brain while making sure you have enough left to drag yourself back home. If you are a beginner, you might not anticipate when your energy dies down so mistakes are not uncommon. Whatever the case may be, make it a priority to return home or get to a bed which allows you to sleep every night for a stipulated amount of time.

3. Be Regular With Your Idiot Box


No, we are not asking you to leave your game and focus on the television. You have the option of watching TV within the game which is important to your performance and strategy later on. Watching TV before you begin a day and the daily work can help you make better choices.

For instance, if you watch the forecast you will be better able to handle your daily duties of going to the quarry or sowing a particular fruit or vegetable. There might be times when you might not find any relevant information but you need to stick through it and make it a habit because it can come in handy.

Additionally, one also needs to look at the fortune teller because your luck will factor in to see how well your farm functions on a particular day. You will get a better yield on your lucky day as compared to a day when you are destined for bad luck. There are specific TV programs that will give you essential life skills to be used within the domain of the game. You can learn a recipe which will be great later on in the game. You can also read information on Livin’ Off The Land which will tell you a lot about the mechanics of the game and how to tackle different challenges.

The Takeaway

Stardew Valley will test your dedication to the game and a keep of the farm to a great extent. Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also make a list of birthdays you need to remember. Make sure to take food with you before going into the mines and never forget to look for worms in your farm. Choosing a silo is also important so that your grains are kept safe from weather conditions. But most importantly, ensure that you have fun.

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