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Finding The Boundaries of Taboo Destruction in Sex Toy Buying

Finding The Boundaries of Taboo Destruction in Sex Toy Buying

The human civilization has been going through a period of true liberation, inclusion, diversification, and acceptance during the last decade or so, all things that were extremely overdue. Thanks to the conservatism and traditionalism of the times long gone, a lot of the things many people enjoy were considered taboos for decades, centuries even. The Western society has finally managed to destroy a lot of it in general but some of the major ones are still dominant. 

Perhaps the biggest one of all includes buying, using, and even talking about sex toys. Although the situation is much better at the moment that it was some time ago, there is a lot of stigma regarding these pleasure products. In a time and age where differences are praised and celebrated and where people are actively encoring each other to be themselves and not commit to the norms if that means changing who they are, something as crucial as sexual freedom still falls behind. 

Feeling good about oneself and being able to enjoy one’s private time is seemingly a luxury not everyone has. Only those whose wishes and pleasures fall under the general norms of society have it good, while the people who are different according to the set rules society dictates are deemed different, weird, or even perverted or sick in some cases. If it does not hurt anybody and is not illegal in any way, there should not be a stigma surrounding it. With sex toys, things are getting better but nowhere near as they should be.

In this article we will try to determine the boundaries of taboo destruction in the buying and using of sex toys. Should there be any boundaries to begin with or should the people be left alone to enjoy whatever they can legally buy and take home? If you wish to learn more about this as well as the different adult bedroom toy products, make sure to visit Lovify

How Things Used to Be


The first commercial sex toys were largely made for women. During the alter half of the 20th century a lot of different models and types started appearing and a lot of them were aimed towards the ladies. The reasons for these are many, but they often had to do with the fact that on average, women used to talk less about their sex lives and pleasures, both to men and other women. Naturally, the general belief arose that women do not pleasure themselves and that if they lack a partner, they virtually have no sexual pleasures. Unlike men, they never seemed to talk about pleasuring themselves and discussing what they enjoy or not. 

Such a narrative and an obvious double standard lead the public to believe they needed help in terms of ways they can enjoy their time alone, and with their partners, and numerous sex toys for women started appearing. However, a new problem arrived since the stigma surrounding the sexuality of women persisted and now the customers of these products were looked at sexually wild, deviant, and perverted. If it was known that a woman owns a vibrator, those who do not would look down on her and act shocked and often insulted for no reason. 

Such a state of affairs lasted for decades only to end a few years ago thanks to the wider adoption of these products and the liberation of such taboos and stigmas. Nowadays, it is normal for women to discuss their sex lives as much as men and talk about whatever they enjoy to whomever they like. It is even encouraged, and it should be really. There is nothing to be safe, embarrassed, or worried about. If we are to move on as a society, such things should not be confined.

A New Set of Problems


However, people being people, a new kind of problem arrived. Despite more promotion of sexual health, sexual liberalism, and sexualisation in general, conservatism still prevails in a certain amount. The difference is that in the modern day and age it is pointed towards men. Individual constructions when sexual freedom and pleasures are concerned have turned towards the adoption among women and forgot the men, who are now the ones looked down upon when buying sex toys.

Gender inequality comes in the weirdest and strangest of situations sometimes, and there is seemingly no rule whatsoever. Men are failing to maintain their sexuality status because more and more of them are turning to sex toys to enjoy in their free time, even if they are single. Their desired secrecy and excitement are not nearly as celebrated as those of the women because they are often more easily judged by the things that turn them on. It is not the guys who need autonomy and empowerment in terms of their sexual freedom because they are getting the looks and hearing the talk of the town while buying sex toys.

The toys themselves are obviously different when made for women and men. That however does not mean that the customers themselves have to be embarrassed about buying them, using them, and sharing their experiences. Our bodies are different and so are the things that we enjoy that stimulate us. Being able to buy exactly what you need to feel great is a good thing, why should a vibrator be any different than a doll? Both perform the same thing, they are fake yet lifelike representations of human bodies used to pleasure oneself. There is no place for taboos based on gender specific toys. 

It is high time all of this is normalized as too many people have suffered because of the sensitive topics that should not be sensitive. Sharing what makes us happy and free is important and it makes the world a much better place. No longer should people be left to their own thoughts, fears, and concerns about such important topics. Sexuality and sexual freedom are some of the key elements of a brighter future in which people are able to celebrate who they are without anyone telling them it is wrong to do so. 

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