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5 Conan Exiles Tips To Survive The Merciless Game – 2024 Guide

5 Conan Exiles Tips To Survive The Merciless Game – 2024 Guide

Conan Exiles is considered to be one of the most brutal games of all. In this game, you start off as a primitive barbarian who is in a desert, with only a stick, stone, and a water bag. You then need to leave the desert and then enter an Oasis. But, there’s a twist, in this so-called heaven, every one of the people wants to kill you. That’s right, each and everyone in this game including the monsters are hungry for your hero’s blood that why we have come up with these 5 crucial Conan Exiles tips to help you survive the game.

Now, you have to arm your hero against all the enemies and all the wild creatures. Well, this is not one easy task. This is because in this game you do not get a chance to learn things prior to the gameplay. You’ll do the learning while playing the game in hardcore mode. Yes, you’ll have to learn all the actions at the start of the game. Conan Exiles will not even explain anything in detail as well.

You are on your own on discovering all the mysteries of the barbaric world. But, since you’ve read until here, you can get instant peace of mind. Why? Well, because we’ve compiled a list of 5 Conan Exiles tips that will help you gain better knowledge as to how you can survive this merciless game.

Conan Exiles Tips

1. Getting A Pickaxe And Hatchet

These are probably the first tools that you’ll be needing in order for survival. Trust me, the pickaxe and hatchet will allow you to collect a lot of material such as wood and stone. All in all, while you explore the gaming world, you can also collect coal, iron, and brimstone by using these tools.

2. Getting Bark From The Trees

Since you have the hatchet, you can hit the trees with them. By doing this alone, you not will be getting the bark of the tree. You’ll also need to use the pickaxe to hit the trees. This will damage them and let you harvest the trees and thus, you’ll get the bark easily.

3. Fill The Gauge Of Hunger And Thirst

Well, in order to survive this game, you’ll have to find food and water, right? And if you can seem to find food or water, you will not be able to get too far.

In order to find water, you need to open the map and head towards the water point. The river is not too far away from the desert; go there and drink water. However, for food, you need to collect insects from the bushes and also steal eggs from nests.

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4. Create Your House And The Shelter

Conan Exiles is an endurance game and like every single great round of a similar type. This implies you can make your own homes and safe houses. In the event that toward the starting you can just make stone/sandstone houses, you can later make amazing structures and set snares to shield yourself from the earth and different players.

To make your first house in this game, there is a condition. You should use information that focuses to open the « Apprentice Mason » skill. Essentially open your player menu and go to the abilities tab. When you have spent your insight focuses on the « understudy bricklayer » class you can start to make establishments for the floor of your asylum, bits of dividers just as bits of roofs.

At that point put the bits of your future asylum in your alternate way bar/object haggle taking care of them. Each time you pass a level with your character, you gain information focuses that you can use in the ability menu to open new plans that will permit you to construct better houses, weapons, and shields.

5. Creating Armor And Weapons

If you wish to create your primary weapon, you will have to spend some knowledge points in the Weapon Tab of the skills. You have the option to make a stone sword or a skull breaker, only if you have the right tools and materials. Then open the blacksmith’s bench; this will allow you to make even more powerful weapons and armors.

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