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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 True Ending: How To View Real Ending Of The Game

Tekken 7 True Ending: How To View Real Ending Of The Game

Tekken 7 is considered to be an epic tale that has seen to be exploring the Mishima’s family and the one that is constantly culminating in explosive battles against them. But, all the hardcore fans of the Tekken series saw an important scene after beating the final boss. Well, if you still haven’t played this game yet, we recommend you that start playing and watch what Tekken 7 true ending talk is all about.

When you reach the end of this marvelous game after you’ve managed to complete each mission and fight. You then need to sit back and relax, because what you’re about to see is perhaps the beginning of a new vision.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, you’ll have to watch the Tekken 7 true ending, let the credit screen-roll for a couple of minutes. You need to be patient because good things come to those who wait. That’s right, you’ll have to watch the credit screen-roll until another scene starts to roll. Guys! That is the true ending.

To be honest, we all knew that Heihachi was going to die sooner or later. But we all hoped that someone would end Kazuya. A lot of people even wished to see Kazuya’s and Akuma’s fight.

All in all, we all hope to get our hands on the new Tekken series ASAP, because, we want Jin to end Kazuya once and for all. Because that is what the secret ending scene in story mode is trying to tell, right?

What about Tekken 8 Ending?

Tekken 8 Ending


Tekken 8 significantly expands upon its predecessor’s narrative, offering a story mode titled “The Dark Awakens,” which is more than double the length of Tekken 7’s story mode. This latest installment focuses on Jin Kazama and his conflict with his father, Kazuya Mishima, culminating in a visually spectacular final battle between the two atop a falling comet.

This battle not only showcases their abilities to tap into the true power of their devil genes but also introduces new forms for the characters: Angel Jin and True Devil Kazuya. While Tekken 8 wraps up some elements of the Mishima saga, it leaves fans with lingering questions, particularly about the fate of the devil gene and the implications for the characters’ futures.

The ending of Tekken 8 seems to resolve the long-standing issue of the devil gene, with Jin apparently succeeding in eradicating it from both himself and Kazuya. However, the narrative leaves open the possibility that Jun Kazama, Jin’s mother, may still be alive, introducing new mysteries into the Tekken lore.

Additionally, the post-credits scene introduces Reina, Heihachi Mishima’s daughter, as a new character with her own devil form, setting the stage for future developments in the Tekken series. Despite providing closure to some story arcs, Tekken 8 raises new questions and leaves fans eagerly anticipating what’s next for the franchise.

Tekken 7 vs Tekken 8 game comparison

Tekken 7 vs Tekken 8 game comparison


Tekken 8 introduces a significant evolution over Tekken 7, showcasing 15 pivotal changes that cater to both long-time fans and newcomers. The story mode in Tekken 8, titled “The Dark Awakens,” is a massive leap forward in terms of scale, offering a narrative that’s more than twice the size of its predecessor. This expansion not only focuses on the enduring war between Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima but also includes separate character episodes that delve deeper into each fighter’s background.

Furthermore, Tekken 8 has enhanced the gaming experience by incorporating Unreal Engine 5 for development, which means no assets from Tekken 7 were reused. This upgrade brings to life dynamic effects such as rain, dirt, and sweat on characters, significantly enhancing the realism and impact of every battle.

Another notable advancement in Tekken 8 is the introduction of the Heat system, a new combat mechanism that encourages aggression. This system allows characters to enter a Heat State, unlocking powerful moves and combo opportunities. The game also bids farewell to the Rage Drive mechanic, replacing it with the Heat Smash for a more impactful and strategic combat experience.

In addition, Tekken 8 has improved upon stage destruction and cinematic transitions, adding depth to the visuals and gameplay. With a launch roster of 32 characters, including both new faces and returning favorites, Tekken 8 sets the stage for an unprecedented fighting game experience, further solidifying its legacy in the genre

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