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Mishima Zaibatsu


Mishima Zaibatsu: Everything You Need To Know

Mishima Zaibatsu: Everything You Need To Know

Mishima Zaibatsu is the hub of antagonistic happenings of the Tekken series. It is a giant multinational corporation that is evil in its nature.

The companies which adjoin to collectively be called Mishima Zaibatsu are mainly Mishima Financial Empire, Tekken Force & Mishima Industries.

The central events of the video games, The King Of Iron Fist Tournaments, is sponsored mainly by Mishima Zaibatsu.

It was initially owned by Jinpachi Mishima, but it was soon taken over by Heihachi who ran the company for almost 40 years. Jinpachi Mishima regained the control of the conglomerate in Tekken 7 but in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Jin Kazama wins the ownership of Mishima Zaibatsu after defeating Jinpachi.

Jin Kazama gains control of the corporation because he wanted to look for a cure for his Devil Gene. Jin Kazama strives to use the resources of Mishima Zaibatsu for the Devil Gene as he wants to save the world from it in fact.

Howbeit, he fails to find the cure but initiates the war against the whole world. G Corporation becomes the biggest enemy of Mishima Zaibatsu and the war keeps on raging in the world.

The Mishima Zaibatsu cleared across the globe, taking over nation after nation. Be that as it may, as the war continued, new restricting powers gradually began to show their presence. Jin learned that Kazuya Mishima was controlling the first and most striking opposition, the G Corporation. At the point when the G Corporation placed a price on his head, Jin announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, as in the event that he had been waiting for the G Corporation to make its turn.

As Kazuya And Jin are known as the “The Two Evil Stars”, so, in the Scenario Campaign mode it is revealed that the war and tournament were simply to fill the world with enough negative vitality to make the physical type of the evil element known as Azazel.

Though Mishima Zaibatsu is regarded typically as an evil corporation, G Corporation is no different. Like the Mishima Zaibatsu they killed several adversaries and conducted (and continues doing it, with Gigas in Tekken 7 as an example) amoral logical trials of mutation and cloning on incalculable human creatures, before locking them in abandoned laboratories.

In the Devil Within minigame, G Corporation constructed another laboratory upon Ogre’s ancient remains. All the researchers (named among them are Bosconovicth, Abel, Jane, and Emma Kliesen) in the Tekken universe are considered morally ambiguous and are responsible for villainous creations and acts.

The corporation along with G Corporation is considered to be considerably more imposing than any legislatures on the planet as they can cause a massive world war without a great part of the intervention from the UN.

Members Of Mishima Zaibatsu

Jinpachi Mishima:

Founder and leader of Mishima Zaibatsu until his son Heihachi oust him. Becomes leader again in Tekken 5 until he was defeated and wrecked by his great-grandson Jin Kazama.

Heihachi Mishima:

Leader in Tekken, Tekken 3, Tekken 4, and Tekken 7. The organizer of the Tekken Force. Ousted once by his son Kazuya at the finish of Tekken and was usurped by his father Jinpachi during his disappearance in Tekken 5. As of late regained control of the Zaibatsu after the disappearance of his nephew Jin. He’s continuing the war against G Corporation (perhaps not against the world like Jin in Tekken 6).

Kazuya Mishima/Devil:

A leader in Tekken 2 and colleague of various criminal organizations, after defeating and almost executing his father Heihachi in Tekken. He was ousted again by his father and slaughtered 2 years later. He was restored a couple of days later and got together with G Corporation, filling in as the most important content subject for 20 years. He is presently the present leader of G Corporation.

Jin Kazama/Devil Jin:

CEO in Tekken 6: After conquered Jinpachi in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, he takes over the Mishima Zaibatsu and declared a war against the remainder of world so as to crush the world and filling it with negative vitality. He also opened the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 so as to slaughter Kazuya Mishima and smash his organization (G Corporation).

Nina Williams:

She selected by Jin to be his bodyguard and assist his Tekken Force in taking over the world. With strong tension between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation, the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 6 was announced. So as to expel any threats to the life of Jin Kazama, Nina enters the tournament.

Eddy Gordo:

Eddy was failed to win the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. He talked alone with Jin. Jin offered to loan him his money and assets to save his master’s life. In the event that Eddy joined the Tekken Force, he vowed to discover a remedy for Eddy’s master’s disease. Eddy joins the Tekken Force, and he is engaged with various criminal operations similarly as The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 approaches.

Alisa Bosconovitch:

Alisa’s excursion starts when a man named Lars awakens her out of cryosleep. Out of nowhere, G Corporation’s Jack-6 robots attack both Alisa and Lars. Alisa retaliates by utilizing her chainsaws to saw off a JACK robot. At that point, later in the game mode, they meet Lee Chaolan who is the sibling of Lars Alexandersson.

Lee is a major shareholder of G Corporation and an enormous part of its automated hardware came from Violet Systems. Because he thinks better about his adoptive relatives, Lee is against Kazuya Mishima and G Corporation, much the same as Lars and Alisa. He’s also against the Mishima Zaibatsu, as Jin Kazama is damaging Lee’s personal gain.

Near the end, it is revealed that Alisa was worked to secure Jin Kazama. Alisa betrays Lars and later a major battle happens, Lars then battles Jin Kazama. His nephew explains about the chaos he started around the world. It was a hypothesis by a woman named Zafina. She said that Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima are the two malice stars of the Devil Gene to awaken Azazel.

The two of them came into combat contact, awakening his soul. He said that he should stop the Mishima Bloodline and save the world from Azazel’s presence. Out of nowhere, Golden Azazel develops in front of Lars and Jin.

Dr. Abel:

Rival of Dr. Bosconovitch and adversary of G Corporation, as well as a personal foe of G Corporation’s researcher Jane. For the most part, known as the reviver and creator of Bryan Fury Mishima’s top scientifical advisor, Heihachi’s correct hand, and leader chief for the Zaibatsu’s Devil Gene Program since the occasions after Tekken 3.

Abel conducted probes living creatures for Heihachi. He also assumed responsibility for the G Corporation’s woods rejuvenation venture, called GENOCELL, lead by a team of researcher and researchers (counting Julia Chang), after Heihachi had 2 of G Corporation’s security labs raided (in Nepal and Nebraska) and valuable data was taken from the G Corp researchers. Compelled, Abel, and different researchers utilized the GENOCELL research they had taken to aid one of their own activities; the converging of fallen angel cells with human cells. Abel’s present status is obscure.

Lee Chaolan:

Heihachi’s beneficiary and right-hand and logical chief in Tekken. Kazuya’s secretary and logical administrator in Tekken 2. Ousted by Heihachi for betrayal. As of now the CEO of Violet Systems and roundabout supporter of the renegades of G Corporation against the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Kuma I:

In Tekken and quickly after Tekken 2. Heihachi’s bodyguard and man-eater. His status has never been completely revealed by Namco.

Kuma II:

Kuma I’s son. Heihachi’s bodyguard in Tekken 3 who abandoned after the game to lead other wild bears in Hokkaido. The candidate as the new leader of the Zaibatsu in Tekken 5. Tekken Force operative and Heihachi’s bodyguard in Tekken 7.

Anna Williams:

Kazuya’s bodyguard in Tekken 2. Right now a foe of the Zaibatsu, serving an individual from G Corporation, security leader of the Millenium Tower (G Corp’s structure), and acting as Kazuya’s bodyguard again.

Bruce Irvin:

Kazuya’s bodyguard in Tekken 2. Right now a foe of the Zaibatsu, filling in as G Corporation’s main general and military trainer, and Kazuya’s bodyguard again.


In Tekken 2. Previous Sumo grappler and Kazuya’s bodyguard. He presently carries on with his own life as the proprietor of a sumo stable and a restaurant in Hawaii called Chanko Paradise.

Lars Alexandersson:

Prior Tekken 6, under Heihachi. Previous Tekken Force official and renegade leader during World War III. Removed by Jin for betrayal. Lars had been working for the tainted Heihachi and the had Jinpachi, acting devoted and neutral to his requests. It’s conceivable that during Tekken 3 he went to the ancient Aztec ruins in Mexico with Heihachi when Ogre was liberated and awakened, thanks to Heihachi’s own voracity for power, who had also kidnapped Michelle Chang and utilized her pendant to draw Ogre for capture and left Michelle for dead (she was safeguarded by Julia).

Dr. Geppetto Bosconovitch:

Former USSR researcher and creator of the main Jack robots, including models. He was a neutral researcher who always bolstered the Mishima Zaibatsu. He filled in as an actual Mishima Zaibatsu researcher under Kazuya (compelled to work) in Tekken 2. As of now functions as a neutral researcher with no feeling of good or abhorrent and is as yet an ally to the Zaibatsu.

He assembled the robot Alisa Bosconovitch as his deceased cherished daughter. He programmed in Alisa’s framework to search her father and serve Jin Kazama. He also created Roger and Alex and “re-created” Bryan Fury. He also saved Yoshimitsu’s life, by turning the previous human being (reviled by his own shrewd blade and also injured by Mishima men) into a cyborg during the years, and is presently almost a total robot. Jack-2’s programming was taken by Jane (who initially created Gun Jack) and G Corporation has now an army of improved Jack robots.

Dr. Emma Kliesen:

Scientists of the Zaibatsu during the years between Tekken 2 and Tekken 3. Apparently, she had been an administrator for the Mishima Zaibatsu’s Devil Gene program. The program was canceled because of its death guineas pigs. Emma had also falsely announced the death of NT01 (Steve Fox). She was killed between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 by either Kazuya Mishima and Bruce Irvin, who killed all the leaders of the Corporation (Kazuya for vengeance, Bruce for no particular reason).


Jin’s robot and defender. The “MI” stands for “Mishima Industries”, “847” is its model number, and “J” stands for Japan. Nancy Dietrich was the executive of planning the MI arrangement of robots. She and several others were murdered in a G Corporation attack by Jack-4’s during Tekken 5. The robot’s name was taken after this chief.

Prototype Jack:

Kazuya’s attack robot in Tekken 2. Created by Doctor Bosconovitch earlier the occasions of the arrangement.

Roger and Alex:

Both the consequences of a military analysis in the (presently shut) old Mishima laboratory under Kazuya Mishima. Specialist Bosconovitch wanted to join the qualities of a martial artist and cross them with wild animals. Specialist Abel had taken Roger and Alex and kept them with him in his mystery laboratory. They were both liberated in Australia by WWWC official Jun Kazama.

Relationships With Others

G Corporation:

Rival company and a sworn adversary of the MFG. Their rivalry started when Heihachi Mishima utilized the Tekken Force to raid G Corporation research facilities so as to recuperate Kazuya Mishima’s body before Tekken 4.

G Corp afterward retaliated by sending an army of falling to pieces Jack-4s to attack Heihachi along with Kazuya after the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. This attack succeeded partly in that Heihachi was tossed into a coma, yet he ultimately endures. Later, in Tekken 6, G Corporation became the strongest contender for the MFG’s plans for global control.

Rochefort Enterprises:

Their trading partner before the MFG assumed control over their oil fields in Tekken 6.

Manji Clan:

The clan ransacked the MFG’s vault during Tekken 4.

Soviet Union/Russia:

Before Tekken, the Soviet military built up the main Jack robots, with a large part of their programming having been done by the MFG. Many years later, Russia, along with the remainder of the world, fell into disarray because of the common agitation caused by the MFG’s clandestine operations. The Russian government sends a Special Ops trooper to the 6th tournament to stop the disturbances.


The Zaibatsu’s headquarters are located in Japan and its proprietors have also all been Japanese; the Japanese government has had to repudiate the nationality of nearly every CEO of the company, however (in the event that they haven’t done it themselves).

The United Nations:

The UN had sent operatives to monitor the MFG at least as far back as Tekken 4. Later, a part of the UN would also get taken over by the MFG in Tekken 6, and in Tekken 6 and Tekken 7, UN troops attempt to apprehend CEO Jin Kazama for his violations against the world.


Their adversary and rival organization in Street Fighter X Tekken (alternate continuity that is part of the ”Namco X Capcom” series).

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