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Kazumi Mishima


Kazumi Mishima (Tekken) – Complete Character Details

Kazumi Mishima (Tekken) – Complete Character Details


Kazumi Mishima is Heihachi’s wife and Kazuya’s mother and the possessor of Devil Gene. Similar to her husband and son, her fighting style is Hachijo style karate. Although, her karate style is additionally perky when it comes to bidding a tiger and levitating. Primarily, she served as the game’s final boss enemy. Kazumi also has a form of the devil, which is only playable in the final stage.

She is demonstrated to be very good and formal, as in one of her introduction activities, she formally bows to the opponents while declaring she will be their next rival.

Kazumi Mishima additionally appears to share her significant other’s proclivity for creatures. For Kazumi’s situation, she prepared a pet tiger which she can call voluntarily as a major aspect of her moveset, not at all like Heihachi who prepared Kuma yet can’t gather him freely. In one of her success movements, she appears to pet her tiger joyfully.

In Tekken 7 Fated Retribution during Akuma’s uncover trailer, Kazumi is appeared to have an adversarial side towards her own better half and child while she is conversing with Akuma who she advises to murder them two for the loss of honest life they will unavoidably cause later on. This conduct is additionally found in the Story Mode when she gets antagonistic towards her significant other and savagely ridicules him for wedding her in any case. This is because of her family’s plot to slaughter him.

It is later uncovered that she genuinely cherished her new family, however since the Hachijo Clan has existed to keep overeager men like Heihachi observed and murder them when regarded excessively perilous, leaving her sincerely tangled. As much as she adored her better half and Kazuya, she was set up to forfeit them to benefit the world, anticipating that Kazuya would go down an insidious way on the off chance that she bombed her crucial. Furthermore, keeping that in mind, she gave up herself to her Devil structure to pick up the ability to execute Heihachi after he had started a threatening takeover of the Mishima Household. A demonstration that would end in disappointment and her passing.

Fighting Style/Moves

Kazumi’s battling style is Hachijo-Style Karate, however, she blends in with Mishima-Style Karate. She uses a solid mix of the two styles, to the degree she was a danger to Heihachi in his prime.

Kazumi has a blend between both Heihachi and Kazuya’s moves as she increases both their Demon Slayer and Flash Punch Combo. Her own moves incorporate horrible punches and hand hacks, and another aptitude where she whirlwinds her rival with a few punches just as thumping her adversary with both a roundhouse kick and a straight kick.

Kazumi Tiger Combo

Her exceptional capacity is to call her pet tiger which should be possible during a combo or separately, it is likewise observed after Kazumi plays out an uppercut alongside her tiger. She shares her ex’s Hell Axle yet has an extra descending kick and his unblockable move however it’s not as solid as his. She additionally has an insult where she serenely pets her tiger during the battle.

Rage Art

Kazumi’s (and Devil Kazumi’s) Rage Art move includes staggering her adversary with a solitary punch to the gut, thumping him/her with an uppercut, releasing a solitary punch and a kick with two back to back punches followed by another kick in mid-air lastly hammering the rival with an overwhelming blow on his/her chest before arriving on the ground.

Other Moves/Combos

Kazumi Mishima is a rushdown character, pounding her rivals with successful, delayable jabs that she can circle, again and again, constraining the adversary to challenge her. Her jabs likewise push her ahead, holding her near the adversary.

While she is at her best very close, she has an extraordinary methodology device. She is acceptable at driving adversaries towards the divider, as a portion of her moves has noteworthy pushback.

At last, she has great divider convey, great okizeme, changed force squash moves (one hits high and is sheltered, while different hits are mid and have great harm), optimizing moves, great alternatives when the rival’s back is against the divider, including, yet not restricted to, two order gets (one of which is unbreakable) that splats the adversary to the divider, lastly, a generally low execution prerequisite. Be that as it may, she likewise has remarkable shortcomings. Right off the bat, she has unremarkable combo harm.

Likewise, her quickest propelling move – a “bounce knee” – is fundamentally ailing in go, making it whiff against moves with a great deal of pushback. At last, Kazumi’s lows are fair. Her best lows leave her standing, making her helpless against counter hits.

All things considered, Kazumi is an exceptionally strong character that can menace, disappoint, and separate rivals with her jabs.

Kazumi Mishima Outifts

Player 1 outfit:

Kazumi Mishima Outifts

She wears a white short-sleeved conventional kimono dress with a red rope tied on each side of her shoulders and a red lace joined to the rear of her shirt which is associated with the red rope and a dark precious stone planned obi which is tucked into her kimono dress. She has a grayish conventional kimono dress which is tied in a white karate belt on her midsection and the two sleeves of the kimono dress are draping free with blossom structures on her sleeves and her skirt of her dress.

She likewise wears white and red fingerless gauntlets with a brilliant shell structure tied in red strips on each side underneath her arm and wrists. The inside of her grayish kimono dress is red. She likewise wears white tabi which is tied in red strips and conventional Japanese geta. She likewise has a Mishima Zaibatsu emblem at the focal point of her midriff while wearing the outfit.

At the rear of her hair which is simply over the scruff, she wears a kanzashi molded like a gold phoenix. During her change to Devil Kazumi, her kanzashi can be seen and heard tumbling off after she was hit with a lightning strike while she was down on her knees and being inundated with a white murkiness. It’s conceivable that her kanzashi goes about as a limiter gadget to control her Devil Gene.

Player 2 outfit:

Kazumi Mishima Outifts

It was her default outfit however was recolored to dark with gold fancy plans.

In one of Heihachi’s flashbacks, she wears the equivalent customary kimono dress as in her present clothing as her edges on her hair are separated on the correct side.

Likewise in one of Heihachi’s flashbacks, after she brings forth her child, Kazuya and demonstrates it to her better half in the two scenes, Kazumi wears a white short sleeve combative techniques gi with a dark belt which tucked into her gi, a coordinating hand to hand fighting jeans and white shoes. Her long dark hair is tied in a low pigtail at the correct side.

A portion of her customizations can make her all the more noteworthy by wearing intriguing dresses and a two-piece.

Her bathing suit DLC resembles all the female characters is to wear either a Diva Bikini or a Strapless Tropical Bikini.

Appearance In Tekken

  • Tekken 7
  • Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Relationship With Other Characters

  • Heihachi Mishima–Deceased Husband
  • Jinpachi Mishima–Deceased Father In Law
  • Kazuya Mishima – Her child.
  • Jin Kazama – Her grandson.
  • Jun Kazama – Her grandson’s mom.
  • Lee Chaolan–Adopted child.
  • Fallen angel Kazumi – Her villain structure.

Akuma – Indebted to her by obscure conditions after she spared his life in a specific basic circumstance he was in. Guaranteed Kazumi to murder Heihachi and Kazuya for the two men’s mission for the total force.

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