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5 Benefits of Using Time-lapse Videos for Your Construction Projects

5 Benefits of Using Time-lapse Videos for Your Construction Projects

Time-lapse videos have become very popular lately, especially in the field of construction. This content allows people working on construction projects to present to their audience in just a few minutes the way they came from the beginning to the end of the process. And these videos can be very beneficial for several different reasons. In case you want to start creating this type of content you will only need a camera and goodwill. The final result will delight you and, besides, it can have a very positive impact on your business. What are the benefits of using time-lapse videos for your construction projects? Find out below.

What exactly is a time-lapse video?

If you don’t keep up with technology and aren’t familiar with time-lapse videos, you’ll want to learn some basic things about them first. Time-lapse videos are accelerated videos that allow you to present a project of a few weeks or months in just a few minutes. Therefore, they allow everyone who works on construction projects that takes a really long time to show their work to the public in an interesting and fast way.

These videos are created by taking photos at regular, periodic intervals throughout the whole project. Once you put them together and play them together, you get a video that shows a lengthy process in a very short time. With a quality camera, you can create amazing, aesthetically appealing videos that your viewers will adore and that will positively influence the development of your business.

What are the benefits of using time-lapse video for construction projects?

1. Subtle but effective marketing


The first reason why you should consider making time-lapse videos for your construction projects is because it represents a very subtle but effective marketing strategy. Nowadays, the presence and active work on social media is almost necessary for the development of a successful business in pretty much any field. Uploading time-lapse videos and gathering viewers who enjoy them can bring you many new opportunities and clients. You never know who you can attract with your interesting content and who will want to cooperate with you. Show your viewers what you do and how you execute your projects. Quality videos always meet with a good response from the audience and significantly increase the chances that they will attract, but also retain viewers.

Be present online and try to reach as many people as possible who enjoy your content and you will also find many new clients who want to buy your services. And make sure you use time-lapse cameras of best quality which will ensure that you get the feedback you want.

2. Allow you to have detailed documentation

Time-lapse videos allow you to document your entire construction project, so you can use that documentation for any purpose in the future. You may want to update investors about your work and let them know how the project is progressing. Instead of sending them a detailed written report, you can present them with all the necessary information using your time-lapse video that you previously recorded.

You may need to apply for insurance, so even in such situations, it is very beneficial to have a time-lapse video of your project as clear evidence. All it takes is to find the desired time interval you want to display, set the optimal speed, and send it to a specific institution. Detailed documentation always comes in handy, so don’t forget to use your time-lapse videos for that purpose as well.

3. They increase the number of successful collaborations


Instead of trying to explain to potential clients how you do your job and what they can expect from you, let the video show everything. The fact is that your words don’t mean much if you can’t show what you can really do in practice. References from other, satisfied customers certainly have their significance, but when you combine them with time-lapse videos that clearly present your work, you will have the best possible combination to win new clients.

4. Having a clear picture of your work

Another benefit of time-lapse videos of your construction projects is that they allow you to have a clear picture of your work. With this content you can learn more about how productive your team is and what are the areas that need to be improved. Another important item is safety on the construction site. These videos give you the opportunity to keep up with all the happenings on the construction site during the filming of several months and understand what measures are necessary to take in the future to avoid unwanted situations. If you don’t have a clear picture of your work, you can’t even know what you need to improve. Time-lapse videos will help you take your work to a much higher level and grow your business significantly.

5. Monitoring project progress


Periodically taking photos of your project as a part of making a time-lapse video allows you to be informed about the project’s progress at any time. In case you are not on the construction site every day, but you still need to have a clear insight into what is happening on the construction site, you will have to find a person who will provide you with all the new information. This is very impractical because you can never have a completely clear picture if you are not present at the scene. With time-lapse video, you will be able to view at any time what the construction site looks like, what exactly is happening and how the whole process is progressing.


Time-lapse videos are used in a variety of fields but have gained particular popularity in construction, for several different reasons. The main benefits of these videos are that they present a very subtle but effective marketing strategy, and also provide detailed documentation that is always useful to have on hand. Time-lapse videos are good for you because they allow you to have a clear picture of your work and find out how you can be even more productive and deliver better results to clients. By creating this type of content, you will notice that over time, your business develops more and more.

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