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Trending Social Media Tokens

Trending Social Media Tokens

As an alternative monetization model to traditional social media platforms, social media tokens allow businesses to better engage and interact with target communities while rewarding customers with additional cryptocurrency value as the brand becomes more popular.

These trending social media tokens offer “Creators” the ability to avoid transaction fees associated with accepting payments from different currencies when creating content on different social media like platforms.

As a result of the blockchain and crypto technology integrated into these programs and applications, transactions become more secure, products and services become accessible to immediate members, and the proceeds transfer directly to the artists, streamers, and content producers.

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What are Social Tokens?


Social Tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that brands utilize to bring additional value into their communities, products, or services. Businesses with content-producing operations may boost productivity and revenue with a social media token platform that increases fan or audience engagement, online and crypto interactions and transactions, and member reward initiatives.

In detail, customers, subscribers, or followers may purchase the “Creators” designated cryptocurrency as a contribution that supports the business. Since users are purchasing these tokens, the brand continues to grow and increase in value.

Depending on the value generated from these platforms, the Creators may then give back to their communities by increasing their investments or digital assets values. For more information, both Creators and business brands may review what are non-fungible tokens.

Trending Social Media Tokens



For artists, musicians, podcasts, and more, Audius serves as a useful platform for users to interact with music and audio streaming services while earning additional cryptocurrency from interacting with the site.

Within the system, there are different listening features, social liking, following, and sharing functions, and music discovery tabs. A major benefit from using Audius is that revenue generated from using the platform transfers directly to artists without allocating any other unwanted or unnecessary fees.

LBRY Credits


Businesses seeking an alternative social media platform designed around blockchain technologies may integrate LBRY into their operations. Traditional social media channels, such as Youtube, may require businesses to allocate more funds from their budget for the contribution to ads, however, LBRY may prove useful for businesses seeking alternative social media creating and advertising opportunities while engaging target audiences within the crypto, blockchain, and altcoin market.

The platform is decentralized, which means that there is less censorship or common regulations seen on more popular social media platforms. From within the LBRY interface features Odyssey, which consists of a user interface similar to Youtube while including blockchain and crypto technologies into its application.

Mask Network


Using Mask Network for social media may benefit businesses in a significant way. In more detail, the platform uses blockchain technology to encrypt social posts, social chats, and more. As a result of the increased security settings applied to your social networks and channels, enterprises may communicate only with members interested in your products and services. When invitees access your social network content and accounts, they may view all of your exclusive posts and chats without limitations.



Rally enables content creators a platform for their target audiences to provide financial support through cryptocurrency trading. These systems work similarly to platforms such as Patreon, however, content creators may develop their cryptocurrency, which will then be sold for generating more revenue.

In the instance where the content creators’ products grow in popularity, then the client-acquired coins may be deemed more valuable within the crypto market. Within the Rally Dashboard, users may view accounts to claim their coins, while checking existing vaults and liquidity options for developing different crypto-related social media projects. Lastly, there is great tech support and online resources for new Rally users.


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SoMe.Social appears like other social media platforms, like Facebook, but includes digital wallets onto users’ profiles and accounts. Due to the design, users interact with SoMe.Social may follow their friends and interesting brands, social share content, and configure settings and crypto wallets with higher levels of security. The platform also features notifications and alerts for keeping users quickly up-to-date on news and transactions related to their favorite crypto and altcoins.


More online users interacting with brands favor making transactions, downloading content, and viewing brands’ products and services through crypto technologies. These social media tokens offer those users the opportunity to continue using platforms that they are already familiar with, while earning additional benefit when supporting their “Creators.”

Lastly, different brands or “Creators,” may use these social media tokens to reward followers, subscribers, and members, while ensuring more secure interactions and transactions, increasing revenue and brand value, and earning more trust through the built-in crypto payment and features within these social media tokens.

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