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Turkey’s Top Golf Courses 2024: Where to Play for Every Skill Level

Turkey’s Top Golf Courses 2024: Where to Play for Every Skill Level

Turkey is rapidly becoming a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts. With its beautiful weather, stunning vistas, and a growing number of high-quality courses, it offers a rich golfing experience for players at every skill level. This guide explores the top golf courses across Turkey for 2024, ensuring you know exactly where to tee off whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate player, or a seasoned pro.

Beginner-Friendly Courses

kaya palazzo golf club

For those new to golf, finding the right course is crucial. It needs to be welcoming and not overly challenging. Turkey offers several courses that are perfect for those just starting their golfing journey, making it an ideal destination for golf holidays in Turkey. These beginner-friendly settings provide a supportive atmosphere where new players can develop their skills comfortably and enjoyably.

Situated in the lush region of Belek, Kaya Palazzo Golf Club is known for its forgiving fairways and scenic beauty, making it an ideal spot for beginners. The course layout is designed to reduce the intimidation factor, with shorter holes and fewer hazards. Clinics and individual lessons are readily available, often taught by PGA-certified instructors who specialize in training new golfers.

Carya Golf Club is another Belek gem that offers a supportive environment for novices. The course features wide fairways and gentle greens and is illuminated for night play, which is a unique feature that allows beginners to practice at any time of the day. The club also boasts a top-notch academy with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to help newcomers improve their game.

Intermediate Challenges

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Once you’ve got the basics down and feel ready to tackle more challenging courses, Turkey’s intermediate-friendly greens await. These courses provide a good balance of challenge and enjoyment.

Montgomerie Maxx Royal in Belek provides an excellent step up for intermediate golfers. Designed by Colin Montgomerie, this course is a blend of strategic play and natural beauty. The fairways meander through pine forests and along lakesides, demanding precision and thoughtful play without being overwhelming.

The National Golf Club in Antalya is known for its tight fairways and challenging water hazards. It’s a course that will test your skills but also fair enough to provide a satisfying round. The course layout encourages strategic thinking and precision, perfect for intermediate players looking to elevate their game.

Courses for Advanced Players

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For those who have honed their skills and are ready for the ultimate test, Turkey offers courses that even professional players find challenging. These are designed to test your limits and improve your high-level play.

Antalya Golf Club’s Sultan’s Course is renowned for its difficulty and beauty. It requires a combination of strategic thinking, precision, and power. With tight fairways lined by tall trees and challenging greens protected by strategic bunkering, this course is a test for any seasoned golfer.


Each of these courses in Turkey offers something unique, catering to different skill levels and providing a diverse golfing experience. Whether you’re beginning your golf journey or looking to challenge yourself, Turkey’s golfing landscape in 2024 has the perfect greens to play.

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