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7 Tips For Finding Reliable TV Aerial Installation Services in 2024

7 Tips For Finding Reliable TV Aerial Installation Services in 2024

Although TV technology has advanced over time, installing aerials can be quite a challenge even nowadays, requiring the presence of professionals who will ensure that everything works perfectly. In the case of hiring these services, there are two possible outcomes – you can hire experts once and forget about them for the next 20 years, or hire unprofessional installers whose work may result in constant repairs in the future.

The market is flooded with various providers and, although at times it may seem that finding a reliable one isn’t such a difficult task, it’s not quite so. All homeowners want to get the best possible work done for their money – but how do we know where to find the quality we need? How do we know if a company is reliable? We bring you some tips for finding a reliable installer below.

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  1. Ask Google

As mentioned earlier, you can find a bunch of TV aerial installers on the internet. But, if you learn to search smartly, you won’t call the first phone number you see – you’ll do it after you’ve gathered enough information.

Transparency is a big advantage of Google search – you can easily get information about the way certain companies do business. Thereby, we don’t think you should blindly believe what you read on their website.

Look for testimonials from previous customers, as well as the ratings the company has received from them. This may tell you a lot about their experiences with the company, whether they were/are satisfied with the work quality, faced any breakdowns after that and all the other recommendations or bad reviews. They will help you narrow down your initial choice. Of course, one or two comments may not seem confidential to you, but in case there are a lot of negative or positive comments, then the situation is already clearer.

  1. Ask your electrician

The best sources of information for you should be the people you know – especially if their profession is closely related to the one for which you need the assistance. In this case, it would be an electrician.

Given the nature of their job, there’s a high probability that they have some reliable contacts to recommend you. Therefore, if you have a long-term electrician who takes care of your home installations or a friend who is an electrician, this might be the best way for you to find the perfect solution.

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  1. Ask the neighbors

This way of informing is obvious, but you may  get it out of your mind while getting lost in other ways of searching. Yet, it’s perhaps the simplest one. Did you notice that your neighbor installed a new TV aerial last week or two months ago? If so, afternoon coffee with them is the perfect opportunity to ask them to recommend reliable providers and learn more about their impressions.

You may be new to this area and utterly uninformed about trustworthy services located in the area, without knowing which companies have a good reputation and which not. Yet, your new neighbor will know for sure – and you’ll probably get the best answers from them.

  1. Contact customer service

Once you’ve tried in every way to get informed about all this and narrowed the selection to several companies, it’s time to continue your search. Contact the customer services of each company – you can easily find their phone number or email address on their website.

This kind of call can help you get a clearer picture of many things. – starting with whether you get an answer quickly, as this can tell you a lot about their timeliness. Those with whom you have easily come into contact are probably doing business with a high level of responsibility. You’ll quickly get an impression of whether they’re kind or not or whether they answered your questions with high efficiency. You don’t want to fall into the hands of an irresponsible company with good publicity, so trust your guts and listen to your intuition while speaking to them.

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  1. Inquire about the expertise of employees

You must be aware that you have the right to know to whom you entrust your installations. The incompetence of the staff can cause breakdowns quickly after setting up the aerial – and no one wants such a bad service after they spend a bunch of money on it.

There are many examples of poorly done work out there, so don’t forget to include this point on the list of questions you’ll ask customer support about. Simply ask about workers’ qualifications as well as previous experience in this job – understandably, you’ll demand a quality result for the price you pay.

  1. Do they offer after-sales services?

This information is crucial to the decision you make. The responsible company mustn’t allow itself to ignore your calls in case you need some repairs after the job is done. Installers must stand behind their work and be ready to react regardless of whether you need a quick fix or a simple piece of advice. That’s why you’ll be ready to make a choice only after you receive an affirmative answer to the question of whether after-services are available to you.

You may now think that most companies won’t be ready to offer it, but those who click here may get surprised. Not only is a company such as MikeHarris ready to jump in when one needs their knowledge and experience, but they’ll also explain the ins and outs of any potential issue that may emerge while installing your aerial  True reliability, among other things, means a willingness to stand behind one’s own work – make sure you choose that above all other things.

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  1. Inquire about the price and whether there are hidden costs

The last question you should ask is how much it will cost to install your unit. You should know this at the beginning so that you can immediately eliminate certain services – you want to avoid the inconvenience of finding out that you have to pay additional costs once the works are done.

If they can’t give you precise information on the amount immediately, ask them to tell you approximately how much the additional costs could amount to. Once you have defined whether the price fits your budget, you’re ready to make the final decision on which company would be the most suitable for you.

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