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What Does Volatility Mean in Online Casinos and How Does One Determine it

What Does Volatility Mean in Online Casinos and How Does One Determine it

When it comes to online casinos, all games should be played for fun, and the intention of making a profit should be the secondary aim. For those who already play, it should be very clear that gambling carries a lot of risk with it. Yes, there’s always a chance to win, but there’s also a chance to lose. However, if you are informed enough you could actually read through the risk of playing a certain game.

To assess how much risk a game involves, you need to understand volatility. It shows the amount of risk involved in playing a certain casino game, and based on it you can know whether your gambling will pay off or not.


For example, if your game of choice is the slots, it is used by experienced gamblers to calculate how often can they expect a payout, and how high. Based on this they will either play or avoid the game. Hence, volatility is a very important factor for those who gamble just for making a profit.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some games make it hard to calculate their volatility. Again, slots are one of those games, because they have a large number of spins, and payout combinations. For this reason, they are usually classified into three categories – low, medium, and high volatility.

So, how does one determine it?


Here, we will again turn to use the example of the slots. A good way to calculate whether the game is worth playing for profit or not is to look at the difference between paying four and five identical symbols. If the difference is three to five times larger, it is most likely a low volatility slot. If the difference is five to ten times, it is a medium one, and between ten and fifteen it is certainly a high volatility slot.

Certainly, the best way to check volatility is to try a particular game for yourself and experience it. You should pay attention to how long you wait for a big win – the longer you wait, the higher the volatility.

When it comes to slots, their fans know that, whether they choose a slot machine with high or low volatility, relaxation and fun are guaranteed.

Final word


Thanks to new technologies and faster internet connections, the online gambling scene has become a very popular pastime. You can find online casino games and high volatility slots at, all so convenient and fun at the touch of a button.

However, there are risks to online gambling, such as addiction, fraud, and social risks, among other consequences. Therefore, you need to be aware of such risks and know how you can play it safe. That is why when choosing a platform to play on, you should consider a couple of things, such as bonuses, safety (which is easily recognized by the license of a casino), and customer support. When you assess these three, for example, by reading reviews, you’ll know whether the platform is worth gambling on or not.

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