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7 Reasons Why Winning Contests Online Is Not Easy

7 Reasons Why Winning Contests Online Is Not Easy

Winning an online contest is much harder than it seems. At the first glance, it seems rather simple – you enter a giveaway and if your name is picked you’ve won. However, following that logic, it would be impossible for some people to win all the time and we all know of those people.

So, luck isn’t the only factor when it comes to winning sweepstakes, contrary to popular belief. If you thought so yourself, that could very well be the reason you’ve never won one. On that note, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper and find out why is it so hard to win an online contest. So, if you want to find out the answer to that question – stick around with us and check out what we have to say!

You’re Not Entering Daily


There are a few different types of online contests. What we’re interested in are how do they differ based on entries. Well, in general, there are two types of online contests – those that have daily entries and those that don’t. Before you decide to enter a sweepstake, you should find out which of these two is the one you’re entering. If it’s the one with a single entry, that’s fine – just sign up and see what happens.

On the other hand, if it’s the daily entry type of contest, you must come back to it every single day and claim your entry. For instance, if it’s a 7-day contest – you have a much bigger chance to win it if you enter 7 times than if you enter only once. It’s simple maths – nothing more than that. So, always make sure to check what kinds of the contest are you entering so you can make sure you do all you can to improve your chances of winning.

You’re Not Inviting Your Friends And Family


Everyone loves free stuff – even if that’s a free mini-bag of ketchup at a local diner. Now, winning free stuff through an online sweepstake might just be the hardest way to win anything, but you can still do it and you can do it for free. On that note, one of the best ways to increase your chances is to get your friends and family involved.

You can’t benefit from cheating and creating fake profiles, but what you can do is have your friends and family enter on your behalf. Let’s say you find a 7-day, daily entry contest with a cool prize you’d like to win. If you enter all by yourself – you have 7 entries. On the other hand, if you tell your mom and dad to do the same and you tell your brother or sister or a couple of your friends to join you – you can easily get up to 50 entries and increase your chances by tenfold. That is – if your friends are willing to play for you.

You’re Reaching


We get it – when you stumble upon a global sweepstake that gives out awards like a brand new car or 10-day exotic trip you just have to try your luck. But you see, that’s the point – the only thing that can help you win that kind of a giveaway is luck and when you’re competing against millions of other people that’s just not enough. You need more than luck – you need to play by the numbers.

Now, we can’t help you win those kinds of sweepstakes and the fact of the matter is – no one can. Winning those kinds of contests is almost as hard as winning the lottery. But, check this out! If you enter a smaller giveaway, like the one from the local business, you’re no longer competing against millions of people – you’re running against a handful of others and that’s your chance to win.

You’re Not Invested Enough


As we’ve said in the beginning, there are some guys and gals out there that win half of the contests they enter and that’s because they’re taking this thing seriously. They know how and when to enter giveaways to increase their chances of winning and you’re simply not doing that.

For instance, for weekly or monthly contests, it’s important to get in right from the start. That way, you can increase the number of entries. Also, you can comb through new giveaways at the beginning of each month and enter those you find the most appealing.

You’re Not Reading The Rules


Another reason you might not win as often as you’d like is that you’re not following the rules. Pretty much every online contest has a clear set of rules on how to enter, who can enter and what you have to do to become eligible for winning. Now, we understand that reading several pages of rules can be boring.

However, in most cases, the rulebook isn’t that long or complicated, so make sure to take a look at it. Sometimes, there are only a few rules and limitations – like your location, for instance. If you don’t notice geographical restrictions, you may end up entering a contest you can never win.

Also, the rulebook could contain some tips on how to win – like how to get bonus entries. So, that’s another reason why you should check out the rules before you enter a giveaway.

You’re Not Reading Your Emails


Believe it or not, many people win more often than they think they do – they just don’t know it. Sometimes, even if you enter on social media like Facebook or Instagram or even Twitter – you get notified of winning via email, not said social network. So, if you’re not checking your emails daily, or even once every few days, it may become increasingly difficult for you to find an email in which you’re being notified of winning.

You Give Up Easy

Finally, the easiest way to win an online contest is to give up. Winning and learning how to win takes time and if you give up before you learn how to do that – you’re never going to win. So, don’t give up so easy and be patient. You’ll start winning sometime soon – just be tenacious.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons as to why you’re not winning the giveaways. Simply put – it’s hard to win them and that’s the truth. On the other hand, we hope you’ve learned a thing or two from our article and you now know how to increase your chances.

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