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13 Worst Home Decorating Trends Of All Time

13 Worst Home Decorating Trends Of All Time

It’s usually a wise move not to get too wrapped up in home decorating trends. While adopting some of them is ok, it’s probably smart to avoid spending too much on them. Trends go in and out quickly, so doing something you can’t easily undo could be a mistake.

Below are some of the worst home decorating trends over the years. Even if you install the most modern fireplace design in your family room, you’ll never live these ugly looks down!

1. Macrame


If you grew up in the 1970s, you might think that macrame all over the home is ‘just the way things are.’ Eh, not really. From wall hangings to plant holders, macrame desecrated the 70s in America.

It seemed like macrame might make a comeback around 2012, but it didn’t last long. We all are thankful.

2. Bathroom Carpet

If there’s a worse place to install carpet, we’re not sure you can beat the bathroom. What a great way to collect endless bathroom germs and the potential for mold is another plus!

3. Wall-To-Wall Carpet

Not long ago, wall-to-wall carpet was thought of as high-end and luxurious. But today, most of us think of it as the perfect place for dirt and grime to gather. Plus, carpet wears out. Better to have tile throughout the home – it’s often inexpensive and requires little maintenance.

4. Matching Patterns


Some people may take exception to this one; some folks still think you should match the pillows, sofa, and drapes with similar patterns. But too many patterns turn south fast. Hunt for patterns that complement but don’t match.

5. Raised Bowl Sinks

These new-fangled sinks became ‘the thing’ about 15 years ago, and many thought they were luxurious. But a raised bowl sink is high and uncomfortable to use. So, we’d skip this one.

6. Leopard Prints

“But I love leopard print!” We hear you, but you’re better off keeping it on your shoes and not covering a wall with it. With rare exceptions, leopard print looks tacky inside the home.

7. Faux Finish


Faux paint finishes – think sponge painting – was popular in the 1990s. But so many people went crazy with them that any walls these days with that look is dated. If your home features any, paint them over with solid colors. Your home will look much better, and paint isn’t expensive.

8. Toilet Seat Covers

Whoever thought that putting carpet-like material on a toilet lid was a smart idea….it’s not a good idea.

9. Wall Words

Some people liked to put inspirational phrases on their walls, such as Live, Laugh, Love. But most of us think this type of thing is best left in our self-help books.

10. Popcorn Ceilings


We understand that popcorn ceilings are cheaper for the builder, and they add texture to rooms. But having it all over the home is tacky. And getting rid of these ceilings is messy and expensive.

11. Glass Block Bathroom Windows

This look is still going in many places. But it isn’t an attractive style, and this trend is likely on its way out.

12. Plastic Covers For Furniture

Yes, you don’t have to ever worry about pet hair or spills again. But have you ever tried sitting on furniture with plastic covers? We’d rather stand all day.

13. Silk Plants


Some silk plants are fine, but a lot of them are awful. If you opt for fake plants, get small ones, and the fewer, the better. If you can, always get real plants. They don’t just look better, but they’re healthier.

If you’re considering any of these decorating ideas, we urge you to reconsider. And if your home has any of them, it’s not too late to change!

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