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How to Know If Your Adult Toys are Made From Safe Materials

How to Know If Your Adult Toys are Made From Safe Materials

The topic of adult toys has really taken off in the last several years. No longer a taboo that they once were, or even a product more oriented towards women, sex toys are now as mainstream as they can be. People are now talking about them more openly and sharing their experiences. Men are using adult toys too, and so are couples.

The best thing about the whole shift in the industry is the freedom and acceptance. Nobody needs to feel neglected or shy because they own and use toys on a regular basis because there is no longer a stigma. Customers are not being referred to as perverted or looked at as strange because they enjoy themselves differently from those who never use adult toys.

Being Careful


Just like with many other things people use for pleasure and entertainment, and those that can in a way harm us, adult toys come with a certain set of rules and guidelines. There are no laws that forbid people from using them or selling them, but you need to be careful what you buy and use. Not all toys are made the same and some can be dangerous to use mainly due to the materials they are made of.

Our skin does not respond well to everything, and intimate areas that make up the genitalia re some of the most sensitive regions on the human body. This is why you have to ensure that you are using adult toys made from safe materials. In the following section, we talk about what those are and how you can know if the vibrators or sex dolls are safe to use.

What to Watch For


You always have to pay attention that the toy is made entirely out of a single safe material. Regarding the material, it should be 100% medical grade silicone, borosilicate glass, medical grade stainless steel, or a polished natural stone like quartz. Reading the labels is what is going to save you from problems. Mystery materials are never advised and you should skip to the next toy if you cannot find proper information on what was used to make it.

Misleading products are sadly quite common in the sex toy industry and their labeling, and many products are labeled as body-safe and silicone when they are anything but. In order to better tell whether this is true or not, you have to know the right things.

For example, real silicone is never see-through but cloudy. If there is residue from using it, it cannot be silicone. If the label says phthalate-free, it does not mean it is otherwise safe. There could still be other toxic materials in there. Lastly, you should always look for a product that is intended to be used internally.

Those that are labeled as something along the lines of “for novelty use” are usually not. This is a way to avoid responsibility in case of an injury since some toys and products are kinkier than others and meant for certain fetishes. It is a ploy to avoid problems with customers in case of an injury or other health-related issue following the use. Be smart about it and do not let marketing tricks get the best of you!

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