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A Story From a Sydney Escort

A Story From a Sydney Escort

The adult industry has gotten such a bad name in many countries and I can not work out why. After all, in places like Sydney, there are some really good escort websites like It is the longest-going profession in the world dating back to when records first began. There was also a crazy experiment that was done on monkeys where they were teaching male monkeys about currency and how they could use this currency to buy drinks and food. They taught them how different tokens had different values and what they could use to purchase with them.

During the experiment, the scientists saw something amazing happening between the males who had the money and the females. The males were by-passing the food and were giving the tokens to the females in exchange for sex. This just proves that the patterns we follow every day are not just random human traits but also built into the stems of life.

Places should be a lot more excepting of sex, it is not that anyone is getting harmed and that people are being robbed or mistreated. It’s the case where two people are entering into a mutually happy agreement and are happy about the business meeting. What is wrong with that?


Since day 1 as working for an escort service called Skissr. I met many people who were surprised to know that I was fully educated and very high at that. I worked as a lawyer for over 5 years and made a lot of money in my day job. The bit was bored and had no excitement in my life. I wanted to do something that would bring me the same amount of money if not more, but also enjoy my work and get to meet interesting people and see interesting things and places. Working as an escort has been a highly rewarding career. Different yes very different from the normal day-to-day jobs that people do but what is the difference?

I get to travel to many different countries. Last year I was in France, Germany, Spain, and the USA. When I was in these places I got to travel around the place freely, I was able to go see museums and bars and eat nice food every day without having to worry about the prices of the cost. I am also able to treat my family like my parents who are supportive of my role as an escort in Sydney. I was able to pay off their mortgage and help my sister with her bills from university. A lot of good things have come from me working as an escort, on a good website with good friends who are there for me.

What I am trying to say is that if you want to come to an escort then you should do it. Find a good website that is trustworthy and go advertise there. Make sure to find good friends in the industry who will look after and help you when you need them. This is very important as we all need friends who can help and understand us.


Working as an escort people think that we just go crazy and do not abide by the normal rules of life, and while we do get to have a lot of fun we work hard, save and we also pay our taxes, which is a lot more money than most Australians pay. Due to our higher tax bracket, our taxes could be over 50,000 per year so we are also giving back and helping society with our work. It’s not always easy but I love it and will continue to do it.

While you’re booking an escort, it is important to keep in mind that you’re not ordering pizza online. This is a businessperson and a human being you’re talking to. So you’ll have to be respectful and avoid sending flashy, explicit messages.

If you send them a text that’s filled with spelling errors, or messy wordings, the escort will simply see you as someone wasting their time. So remember to clearly mention the date, time, and venue of the meeting, introduce yourself politely, and ask for what you want in a clean, respectful manner.

Never send texts like “hi sexy” or “wht r ur rates”, since they are filled with grammatical errors and make a terrible first impression. Remember that the escort you’re contacting has to be aware of the police posing as potential clients, so they’ll talk to you in a very professional manner. Therefore, you’ll also have to do the same.

So you’ve prepared a good text message and sent it to the agency. But you’ve not received any reply yet. This is the hard part; sometimes escort agencies might take up to 2-3 days to get back to you. But no matter how nerve-wracking this wait might be, try to not send follow-up messages too soon.


Keep in mind that the escort you’re trying to contact might be busy with other work or clients, and if you keep sending texts will make the situation sloppy.

Instead, focus on some other work until you get a reply. Or if it takes too many days, contact the next person on your list.

There are many places in the world where escort agencies are banned and considered illegal. If you belong to such a place, be sure to contact an authority that is genuine. Avoid clickbait advertisements showing escorts and instead look up “target escorts” online.

Sometimes, legal authorities might try to tap into underground websites to interrogate both the agency and the clients, so be extra careful.

While most escorts do engage in kinky foreplay or sex, there might be some things they are uncomfortable performing. Talk clearly to them regarding what you would want them to do, and ask them if they’re comfortable in doing so.

Also, be sure to specify whether you would just want a romantic date or jump straight into bed. After all, communication is the key! Some key things to keep in mind are:

  • If your escort seems uncomfortable talking about a particular topic, apologize and change it.
  • Never compare your escort with other escorts you might have seen online or heard of.
  • If your escort says she needs some privacy, say after sex while washing up, give it to them.

Be yourself, but be the best version of yourself. While most escorts do not like chatting about things other than the appointment, if you see that your escort enjoys doing so, simply have a chat and enjoy!

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